Dude vapes 31 grams of Dab in under a few minutes. Legend has it that he never needs to smoke again, cause he is still high.

“He smoke like a little punany!!! This not real inhalation..this iz not a world record!!! im from Amsterdam, the City of real badman smokerz!! Fok the Mainstream Cali smokerz 😉 they can’t do like we do!! Greez”

So I would be hard pressed to choke down a 31 milligram dab. Let’s say a 31 milligram dab contains 25mg of cannabinoids. You need to grow at least 100mg premium of dried flower to extract 25mg of cannabinoids. 1 gram of flower gives 310mg of dab concentrate under ideal conditions. 10 grams of flower yields 3.1 grams of dab concentrate. 100 grams of flower could yield 31 grams of concentrate? 100 grams is less than a quarter pound. Maybe I am way off. But that crazy display really only consumed between $500 and $1000 worth of product … buy in bulk and maybe you get it for $400? Hmmm interesting. Nothing I would try anytime soon.

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