Finding vape pen batteries for the commercially standard 510 thread are easy to find. But finding a reliable and quality manufacturer is not easy to sift the through the millions of online and offline shops.

Batteries should extend the usage you get out of your vape and if used correctly provide a better vape session each time. The way a 510 battery operates is pretty standard and they come with either prefilled or emtpty cartridges for your juice! Some even come with your choice of herbal extracts. Your battery should be fully charged within 3 hours. It then needs to be attached to the cartridge by screwing it using the 510 thread attached to the battery. Your initial pull will activate the battery heating up your extract to the preset vape temperature.

510 threaded is a term used to describe the threading that connects vape cartridges and batteries – there are 10 screw threads, and the cartridge is generally five millimeters in length (510). Source

PuffKey – the latest addition to the remarkable Puff Collection. The Puffkey is a unique flip design battery Puff Keyfor any 510 thread concentrate cartridge; press a button and your keychainlooking battery transforms into a vape pen, when you’re done – simply fold it back. Smart design, soft touch and would you just check out the power on this little thing. This is a perfect match for the thickest concentrate you can find, not to mention that when closed, the cart will be protected in your pocket. If you are looking for something special, you found it.

Maxstiq Polished Gunmetal

MaxstiqClassic, traditional and may we say timeless. This battery has familiar shape and form, but it also has 3 variable voltage settings, preheat and cut off functions and temperature control. Nice and light and great on the go. This battery comes in classic colours as well as some unique finishes such as mate gunmetal.

Battery capacity: 380 mAh
Variable voltage: 2.7V – 3.6V
Battery settings: 3
Preheat: Yes
Thread: 510 thread
Cartridge attachment: screw
Dimensions: 8.9cm x 1.1cm x 1.1cm
Rechargeable: Yes
Charge: USB
Whitelabeling: yes, MOQ of 2,5K or more

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