BEST Breeders and Seedbanks on Earth 2018 – Cannabis – I.M.H.O

BEST Breeders and Seedbanks on Earth 2018 – Cannabis – I.M.H.O

LINKS to ALL MENTIONED COMPANIES in this video description! Today we discuss a question i get VERY often: my picks for top breeders and seedbanking operations in the legal Cannabis industry! Many of these companies have been operating since the 1980s completely legitimately, primarily out of Europe.

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Breeder/Seedbank Official Websites:
Green House –
CBD Crew –
CBD Botanic –
Seedsman –
Barney’s –
Jordan of the Islands –
True North –
Dutch Passion –
Kiwi Seeds –
Soma Seeds –

Nirvana – – UPDATE: Several com-mentors report issues pertaining to shipping with Nirvana…If i re-record the video, i might bump Nirvana out in exchange for Mr.Nice Seeds –

UPDATE #2: Seedsman reached out to me since this episode aired and we setup a URL where you guys can both get a deal on seeds AND help out my Vlog (if the link doesn’t work, Pause Adblock):

FULL, Free Documentary on Green House Seeds:

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Question Period for HoC Sitting No. 264 House of Commons
Feb 14, 2018

Lisa Raitt questions Justin Trudeau and the former CFO of liberal party of Canada…
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Cannabis Strains on Bitcoin’s Blockchain

Cannabis Strains on Bitcoin’s Blockchain

Cannabis Strains on Bitcoin’s Blockchain a Relief for Patients, Growers (The Cryptoverse #119)

On today’s episode of The Cryptoverse:
A dozen medicinal cannabis cultivators and processors have partnered with Medicinal Genomics to record and track the genetics of cannabis strains on the Bitcoin blockchain to ensure product consistency and quality.

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How to Vape Weed

How to Vape Weed

Learn how to use medical marijuana in a vaporizer. Bogart breaks out his Easy Vape vaporizer to show you easy, cost effective ways to enjoy the best benefits from your Medical Marijuana use.
Best Vape Shop 10% off coupon: “SUGI10”


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Medical Marijuana Grow Ops Unseen Dangers | Vancouver Sun

Medical Marijuana Grow Ops Unseen Dangers | Vancouver Sun

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I’ve got a weekly grow series update for you all. My cannabis plants are now in the flowering stage. If you enjoyed this video, please click that thumbs up button! 🙂

This gardening video is for educational and/or documentary purposes and isn’t designed to help or encourage others to imitate.

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