The demand for CBD products has surged in recent years and many entrepreneurs are jumping at the developing multi-million dollar cannabis industry because of its many opportunities. CBD is one of the fastest growing industries within cannabis and becoming a CBD retailer today has many benefits.

CBD oil is a booming health product today in America and Europe, the demand is shooting through the roof and it’s already a $100 million industry. It is expected to grow by 700% in the next year or two and with the recent passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, it does seem easily possible. The Farm bill passed by Congress officially allows licensed cannabis farmers and cultivate and process hemp. This essentially is the green-light for a new industry in America as we can now provide CBD oils locally and not need to import it from countries such as Slovakia and China. This, in turn, will allow much-needed capital to stay within our borders and provide cash flow for a burgeoning market.

Why add CBD to your business?

CBD is a hot commodity at this moment and it’s looking to only increase its dominance of the market in the coming years. Adding CBD to your product range is easy as it suits many business models, especially if you have an existing outlet to customers and based in either the UK or US.

Chiropractors, physical therapists, nutritionists, personal trainers and many other practitioners can benefit from retailing CBD products to their existing or future clients. Not only will you increase your bottom line, but choosing a great wholesale CBD provider will help you supply customers with consistent quality CBD products as well as help you arm them with the knowledge of the products.

Building relationships with clients are something you do every day and why not add a product that is natural, non-toxic, while being an excellent supplement for health and wellness. You will easily be the “go-to” person when people realise you are stocking a range of quality CBD products.

Provide value to your CBD products!

By now most people have heard about CBD and its benefits. Being backed by a large CBD company that provides a great wholesale business platform with many business tools to help you get on your feet and market your product is a bonus. Providing knowledge about CBD is an invaluable added benefit you can utilize and help build relationships in the future.

Where can I find CBD for my business? provides a unique wholesale program from vendors who would like to retail CBD products. They stock a range of tinctures, softgels, topicals, oils and pet care products. They make registering easy as a wholesaler, simply by signing up online through their wholesale link. Your account should be approved within 48 hours.

CBD wholesale retail

Become a CBD retailer today!

More and more businesses are offering hemp product ranges due to the growing demand of patients and customers, this may include:

– Medical professionals offering CBD products in wellness clinics, doctors offices and healthcare clinics.
– The nutritional properties of CBD Hemp oil are the reason why many health food stores are also stocking these products on their shelves. Some popular chain stores are also looking at stepping into the arena of cannabis.
– Bakeries and coffee shops are also taking advantage of the CBD revolution and infusing CBD oils into their edibles, baked goods and drinks. Allowing health-conscious customers to have an easy and convenient way to does up on their daily requirement of CBD.
– Smoke shops and cannabis dispensaries are offering alternatives to the high THC products offered in the recreational industry. CBD is a great non-intoxicating alternative to THC.
– Veterinary clinics are also fast stocking CBD pet products on their shelves as there seem to be many benefits for pets to also include CBD in their diets.
– Many people from home are also offering CBD products through online stores and websites. This is a new business opportunity that many entrepreneurs are investigating as another income stream.

Although CBD is still viewed a bit sceptically by a number of States in the US, an increasing number of states or getting on board. This has made CBD more viable as a business model than recreational marijuana. CBD is not at all psychotropic and actually inhibits the effects of THC. Its medicinal benefits claim to range from treating chronic pain to treating epilepsy. CBD also seems to have many therapeutic properties and are an excellent nutritional supplement to maintain your peak performance. As a standalone compound, CBD is completely legal in all 50 states. These are just a few of the reasons why the CBD business is such a big opportunity in 2019.

Wholesale companies like CurrentNaturals are an easy and affordable way for you to get your foot in the CBD industry. They offer their range of CBD products at great prices and include educational material and displays for retail shops.

There has really never been a better time to become a CBD merchant. The market is young, dynamic and growing rapidly. Prepare today and reap the rewards of a booming industry in the future.

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