If you’re an aspiring cloud chaser you may have already heard of the crazy world of vape modifications. Since e-cigarettes are an electronic device you can install your own custom modifications to them to either make them work differently or give them a new look. Regardless what you are after you can be sure that there is a vape mod for you.

So now you know the general basis behind vape mods but do you know why cloud chasers need them? Because mods help change how the devices work you can install certain mods to make sure that you get the best clouds possible. Below we are going to explore the vape mods that a cloud chaser needs.

Gene chip

Vapes CBD Vape JuiceChip mods can completely change how your e-cigarette works and is a great alteration to install for cloud chasers. Gene chips improve the responsiveness and speed of your e-cig which is very important when you want to get the biggest clouds. Instead of wasting your time and e-liquid with a couple of primer puffs, the gene chip lets the device warm up faster and work more efficiently.

These types of mods in general can also change the overall look of your device but are primarily used in the cloud chasing scene as a way to improve the functionality of it. Mod chips come with their own installation kit and an easy to follow guide to ensure that you can install correctly and by yourself. Users have definitely been considered when these kits are made so you can rest assured that anyone can install these mods.

Mechanical mods

After you have improved the speed and responsiveness of your device, it is time to take the efficiency of it to the next level. Mechanical modifications are their own little device that doesn’t have a circuit board but instead runs off the battery of your device. If you have vaped before you would have noticed that your device makes the best clouds when the battery is full. When you start to use it and the battery life starts to diminish so do your clouds. These mods make sure that your device is putting the same amount of power through all parts of your device no matter what the battery level is.

This is very important for cloud chasers as you are trying to go for the biggest clouds all the time. In a competition scene you will find that everyone has this mod as it is the most effective. This type of modification also makes your e-cig more durable and resilient. The metal casing makes it shock proof which is great as they can become quite expensive.

Box mods

Generally speaking box mods are meant for aesthetic purposes but there is an important factor that is essential for cloud chasers. Getting a larger battery installed is essential if you are wanting to blow fat clouds for a prolonged period of time. Additionally if you have any other mods installed (ie mechanical) that feed off your battery you will want to make sure that it doesn’t deplete quickly.

Coil build variation

As we mentioned before, these devices are electronic and can be modified to do anything that you want. The coil in the device is no different and can be modified to give you the result that you are after. Coil build customisation is very popular amongst cloud chasers because you can adjust the levels of vapour that your device can produce. If you are looking for a coil build to help with your clouds, a general rule is that the lower the resistance in the coil, the more vapour your device will be able to create.

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