Concentrates are the fastest growing mainstream delivery mechanism of cannabis products for the consumer. The reason for this is that cannabis concentrates are being made due to their purity, potency, aroma’s and flavors, and the people are loving it.

Cannabis has come a long way since acrylic bongs and hemp papers were the cannabis connoisseurs smoking devices of choice. The cannabis flower market seems to already be historic when you look at what is available in the concentrates arena. Shatters, crumbles, waxes, honeys, oils, budder and rosin are the new love of the cannabis community because of the quality experience and high. Some concentrated cannabis products can reach levels of potency of 90% plus and this allows recreational users to get where they want to be not only faster, but with more flavor and aroma.

Dab rigs are the new evolution of the old trusted bong with a couple of accessories, actually alot of accessories. Dabbing is a serious sport and you will need just a couple accessories to make it a worthwhile exercise and enjoy the experience. If you are new to dabbing, below are a couple components you will need to purchase before you get your first gram of golden concentrate:

Very similar to a bong, a dab rig is usually made out of glass and comes with a nail and a banger. Nails may be made from titanium, quartz or glass and is manufactured to withstand high temperatures. Basically you heat the nail with a butane torch and once it reaches the desired temperature ( hot ), you use your dabber to place the concentrate onto the nail and inhale the vapor. Inhale,exhale and enjoy.

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