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This website was created in order to review dispensaries across Toronto for medical users, hence our name DispensaryGTA. However with the introduction of mail order dispensaries who provide better quality products at cheaper prices then Toronto dispensaries we have expanded our reach to included mail order dispensaries across Canada.

It’s our goal to review every Canadian dispensary thoroughly and accurately and create a directory of all the dispensaries that are worth ordering from while also providing weed related news and information.
, , was launched in late 2017 as a community for cannabis growers. We provide detailed, in-depth guides about topics like how to grow weed indoors and gifts for weed lovers. All of our writers are experienced and knowledgeable in the cannabis industry, and have written for large online and print publications.

We would love to hear your comments, ideas, or other feedback you want to share that can help this website grow.
How We Review Products
From time to time, we write buyer’s guides, whether about LED grow lights, or simple accessories like light meters. Our process is simple, but takes time. We spend hours of research for every guide we write, covering every angle, making sure we covered the topic completely.

Our first step is to collect all the data and bring it together as a guide. We then evaluate which information is factual, and what can be considered as simply an opinion. Our team validates the information, which then goes to our Editor for fact checking. The team here takes the information we put out very seriously.

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