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We stock premium grade medical and cannabis cup winner strains, grow guides, fertilisers, grow boosters, mould & pest control products plus more.

Growing your own weed couldn’t get any easier if you’re with us. We have taken the time out to research what goes into a plant to make sure it’s a beauty. Weed Seeds Australia take pride in making sure our customers are completely equipped with the right knowledge of marijuana strains, soil, fertilisers, pest and diseases etc before growing.

To start you off, we have a free outdoor grow guide for you to follow. After that, it is recommended you purchase the perfect strain for you, good quality soil, fertilisers and mould & pest control products to ensure your grow goes well.

Ketama Seeds

Ketama Seeds, 100% feminized seed bank, breeding and improving genetics of high quality cannabis.
Buy autoflowering and feminized cannabis seeds for outdoor and indoor
In our official online shop www.ketamaseeds.com you may see the whole catalogue of our varieties and buy them in a safe way. All our seeds are high quality and 100% feminized.

Strains of marijuana with the most special nuances of each genetic of cannabis sativa, indica and all the possible hybrids. Our bank carefully selects different parameters of quality of the strains that come out in the market.

Buy the best seeds of the strains we have been working with during the last years. You will be surprised by their quality and high levels of stability.

Banco de semillas de marihuana | Sementes de maconha |Cannabis Seed Bank | Graines de cannabis

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