420 – April 20th 2018

420 – April 20th 2018

With 420 around the corner, do you know where the origin of the word started. Was it a term for the police to reference “marijuana smoking in progress”, was it to celebrate hitlers birthday, or Bob Marleys death. How was the band Grateful Dead part of taking the term 420 internationally. 420 is here to stay and use each day at 4:20pm. Happy toking.


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Velvet Swing: Water-Based Cannabis Lubricant

Velvet Swing: Water-Based Cannabis Lubricant

Velvet Swing is available in Washington state and in select dispensaries in California. This unique water-based cannabis lubricant contains a balanced ratio of THC and CBD, as well as a custom terpene blend to maximize absorption.

  • 8 out of 10 women report very noticeably stronger and longer orgasms, and more ease having multiple orgasms
  • It’s WATER BASED, this is important. It is the ONLY cannabis lube that is water based and safe to use with condoms. All others are oil based.
  • Velvet Swing is made from NON IRRITATING ingredients, it will not irritate your sensitive places.
  • It does not smell like bong water! It has a very slight sweet flavor and scent, but your ladyparts will not smell like skunky weed!
  • It is non-staining so it will not stain your sheets or your lingerie.

How to use Velvet Swing

Apply Velvet Swing to the area, allow 20 minutes for the full effects, peak efficacy is at 40 minutes, effects will last up to two hours. You can re-apply as much as you wish.

Some ladies like 2-5 pumps for a mild-to-medium effect, other ladies use 5-10 for a STRONG effect.

Cannabis topicals almost never show up on routine employment drug screens.

Velvet Swing is made by women, and it’s fun for everyone!

Website: www.velvetswing.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/VelvetSwingTHC/
Twitter: www.twitter.com/velvet_swing
Instagram: www.instagram.com/velvet_swing/



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Carib Creed Unboxing

Carib Creed Unboxing

Check out this unboxing of a caribcreed tee, followed by a dank dab. CaribCreed (California) Clothing – The Original #PFCAT Brand (PRONOUNCED pEF-cAT, Premium Fashion Cannabis Activism Tees) Our Goal Is To Create The Best Cannabis Inspired Premium Authentic Clothing; that can comfortably be worn by anyone everywhere. Our unique gift to the world, to show gratitude to the universe, and love to you our friends in this our human race.BRAND. LIFESTYLE. CULTURE. Enjoy Goodlife, Cherish Goodlove, Spread Goodvibe. #OneLove #LiveYourDreams

Published by cannabispromoter.com #cannabispromoter

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Wismec Sinuous P80 Vaporizer Review

Wismec Sinuous P80 Vaporizer Review

The Wismec Sinuous P80 is a full kit vaporizer offered and in stock by Vaporizer Hut. Its a sleek and stealthy design offering you up to 80 watts of power, giving you as much vapor as your needs require. If ordering within the United Kingdom, you can expect same-day delivery!

The kit comes in different colours, either bronze, black or silver. The kit includes the following items:
– Wismec Sinuous P80
– Elabo Mini Sub-Ohm Tank
– QC USB cable
– User manual
– Efest IMR Purple 18650 3500mah

Website: www.vaporizerhut.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/vaporizerhut
Instagram: www.instagram.com/vaporizerhut.co.uk

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What Is the Best Rosin Anodized Plate Kit?

What Is the Best Rosin Anodized Plate Kit?


  • Made Of Anodized Hard 6061 Aluminum Blocks
  • Dual Digital PID Temperature Controller
  • Stainless Steel Heat Rod
  • Adjust Each Plate Temperature Independently
  • Stable Temperature Control System
  •  Bronze Tube Guarantee Lifelong Working
    Dabpress dp-rp257 Pro
    Unit Price: $499

Looking for the best way of enjoying nug bud of cannabis?

You must have this incredible innovative dab machine to satisfy your flower nug. Rosin cube kit is an innovative machine that extracts higher quality rosin flower. Rosin cube kit is a rosin heat press unit with two anodized 6061 aluminum blocks and four stainless steel column combination a machine seems like a cube.

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Increase Yield and Harvest Experiment

Increase Yield and Harvest Experiment

Dutch nutrient boosters vs general hydroponics. The yields are totally different and bigger. Enjoy the video, please subscribe to iSeeKush. Check out our website: www.iseekush.com/420

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