5 Factors That Play a Major Role While Growing Indoor Plants

Do you have a strong desire to grow a garden but not able to start because of unavailability of space?

Don’t worry, if you don’t have enough backyard space, you can grow plants indoor.

Yes, it is possible. Growing plants indoor not only cleanses air of your house, but also enhances the
aesthetics of your house. And if you are thinking of growing vegetable, then this is more beneficial as it will provide you with organic food.
Plants usually don’t require much space. It can be grown with as little space as windowsill. Some people also use indoor space for growing some plants, which they will eventually transfer it to outdoor, upon arrival of spring.
However, there are several factors that needs consideration while growing plants indoor. When all these factors are in right condition, it ensures healthy growth of plants in the indoor garden. Five such key factors are mention below:

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Transplanting Marijuana Clones and Seedlings

Transplanting Marijuana Clones and Seedlings

http://www.marijuanagrowershq.com presents a short demonstration on transplanting marijuana clones and seedlings into soil or coco fiber. Detailed instructions can be found on our site at;

Transplanting Clones and Seedlings

We spend more time on our site than here on youtube, please address comments and questions to the link above or at our forum at;

MGHQ staff

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Meet the Martha Stewart of Marijuana

Meet the Martha Stewart of Marijuana

Cheryl Shuman has run the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club for more than two decades, serving high-grade strands to A-list celebrities and throwing exclusive pot parties for the Hollywood elite. VICE met up with the self-made cannabis queen to tour her extensive weed farm, see how she runs her business, and hear how the drug helped her fight cancer.

Facebook: facebook.com/CherylShuman
Twitter: twitter.com/cherylshuman
Instagram: instagram.com/cherylshuman

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Would You Buy Space Weed at $100 a Gram!

Would You Buy Space Weed at $100 a Gram!

Herban Planet & Sent into Space send 1 pound of marijuana into outer space for the first time in human history. YES, WE SENT WEED INTO SPACE! BELIEVE IT!! Visit herbanplanet.com today

“Like most cannabis, the hybrid strain of Thin Mint marijuana had high hopes of being inhaled, and not flushed down the toilet by a concerned mother. It was grown in Phoenix with the primarily positive intent of someday reducing anxiety or boosting Doritos sales. . . But the folks over at Herban Planet, a Scottsdale-based educational website for both marijuana businesses and consumers, had bigger plans for this particular strain of pot. Before landing in the hands of what could be a toked-out, incense-burning hipster, this bud would make history as the first pound of marijuana flower to be thrust 35 kilometers above Earth into space. . . The strain was aptly named ‘Space Weed Bro.'”

Herban Planet

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BUSINESS IDEAS for 2018: Marijuana Business Ideas!

BUSINESS IDEAS for 2018: Marijuana Business Ideas!

Let’s talk about some marijuana business ideas to start in 2018! In this video we will talk about three pot or cannabis related businesses you could start in 2018 to take advantage of the recreational and medical marijuana boom. Legal pot and marijuana businesses are a gold mine and there is a huge opportunity to get in on this before anyone else. Marijuana is now legal in some form in over half of all US states, whether it be recreational or medical use. There are business opportunities for recreational marijuana and medical marijuana. We will be focusing on three pot businesses outside of opening a growery or a dispensary.

In this video I talk about a great business idea for 2018. I have a number of business ideas for 2018. I will be doing a number of videos taking about different business ideas for 2018 that you might be interested in as an entrepreneur. These great business ideas for 2018 should be ones that any entrepreneur considers before opening their first business. There are multiple steps involved with opening a business in 2018 but the first step is a great business idea! Be on the lookout for other business ideas for 2018 as this is an ongoing series I will be doing.

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