Most Expensive Cannabis Strains

Most Expensive Cannabis Strains

The most expensive cannabis in the world is featured in this video. Some going for as high as $1500 per gram or seed. Some of these strains featured are not even sold on the open commercial cannabis market.
1.Fruity Pebbles
2. Loud Dream
3. The Oracle aka ACDC
Watch the video for the rest of the most expensive strains.


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Cannabis +Fitness

Cannabis +Fitness

Thank everyone at Infused Cannabis Network for shining the light on our gym . It has been a very wonderful but painful journey nonetheless . We are so grateful for all the lives that we are going to reach and change in a positive way but we are also ready for the wonderful effects that we will have off the lives that we change as our lives change as well . Strength and honor and thank you to all who helped support . Nothing can stop us now .check out the episode it drops this Friday on infused network #Cannathlete #Vapexhale #INEX #the420games #Darkhorse #whitefires

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5 Factors That Play a Major Role While Growing Indoor Plants

Do you have a strong desire to grow a garden but not able to start because of unavailability of space?

Don’t worry, if you don’t have enough backyard space, you can grow plants indoor.

Yes, it is possible. Growing plants indoor not only cleanses air of your house, but also enhances the
aesthetics of your house. And if you are thinking of growing vegetable, then this is more beneficial as it will provide you with organic food.
Plants usually don’t require much space. It can be grown with as little space as windowsill. Some people also use indoor space for growing some plants, which they will eventually transfer it to outdoor, upon arrival of spring.
However, there are several factors that needs consideration while growing plants indoor. When all these factors are in right condition, it ensures healthy growth of plants in the indoor garden. Five such key factors are mention below:

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Transplanting Marijuana Clones and Seedlings

Transplanting Marijuana Clones and Seedlings presents a short demonstration on transplanting marijuana clones and seedlings into soil or coco fiber. Detailed instructions can be found on our site at;

Transplanting Clones and Seedlings

We spend more time on our site than here on youtube, please address comments and questions to the link above or at our forum at;

MGHQ staff

“Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 in G, Movement I (Allegro), BWV 1049” is available for free download at
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