2 Fast 2 Vast Auto – Seedmasters.com

2 Fast 2 Vast Auto – Seedmasters.com

2 Fast 2 VastThis is one of the top autoflowering indica’s available on the market today. The breeders from Heavyweight Team specialise in top auto feminized seeds and have been doing so for over a decade now. Already establishing a name for themselves of consistency and quality, their 2 Fast 2 Vast auto has topped the charts.

2 Fast 2 Vast is an autoflowering hybrid that has been further developed by the original breeders with a northern lights auto variety. The yield is exceptional for its size and the potency and effects are matched to their original Fast Vast earlier breed.

An indica dominant ( 80% ) with a hint of sativa ( 20%) keeps this plant short and stocky. Covered in resin 2 Fast 2 Vast is built and bred for Sea of Green ( SOG ) and indoor cultivation. Growing to only 100cm, this auto still supplies growers a whopping 600-800grams per m2.

The aroma’s and flavours are intense, fruity and hints of hash this auto will give you the giggles and leave you couch locked for hours. With over 18% THC and small percentages of CBD, 2 Fast 2 Vast is a medicinal strain going into the future.

“Although the huge yield of fast and vast has been retained the addition of the heralded Northern Lights genes have produced a mouthwatering masterpiece.”

  • Typo: Indica 80%, Sativa 20%
  • CBD: 0.6%
  • THC: 18-20%
  • Height: 100cm
  • Yield: 600-800gr/m2


My current setup is a DWC with General Hydroponics 3-part system at a 5.8pH checked daily with weekly reservoir changes. 600W led lights on a timer running 18/6. In a 4x4x6.5 Grow tent. It took me 91 days from germination for the trichomes to go 50% clear & 50% Milky. It was another 5 days to achieve 10% clear, 80% Milky, & 10 Amber. I received this seed as a freebee with an order and did quite a bit of research on the growing of Auto flowers before I started. I realize I may have made a mistake or two along the way but, I did nothing to stunt this plant in the way of grow time that would almost double the breeders grow time. I would suggest that you take a pass on this strain and just grow a Northern Lights Auto for similar results. My personnel thought is that the auto flower time frame of 56 days from germination stated by the breeder is a lie. Source

HeavyweightSeedsHeavyweight Seeds were originally founded in Spain in 2008., Using only highly stable pure strains, the Heavyweight team set about producing a mouthwatering selection of varieties, a range with a variety to satisfy all tastes. Only released onto the European market in 2010, Heavyweight is already building a name for consistency and quality time and time again., With an expert team dedicated to ongoing research and development, the Heavyweight ethos is simple – our driving passion is to produce top quality genetics and we will stop at nothing on our quest for excellence!, Heavyweight produce an exciting and varied range of feminised seed strains. Head spinning indicas, soaring Sativas and well crafted crosses means there’s something for everyone, from the medicinal to the cerebral and social.

Find more excellent strains available on SeedMasters.com

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2018 Cali Legal Grow * Day 4 * Hydro vs Living Soil Side by Side?

2018 Cali Legal Grow * Day 4 * Hydro vs Living Soil Side by Side?

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Ocean Grown Educational Info Site

Ocean Grown Seeds – Start A New Life – Ocean Grown Genetics

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Living Organic Soil Mix – Indoor Cannabis Grow

Living Organic Soil Mix – Indoor Cannabis Grow

This video will show you how to make your own home made soil mix with all organic materials.

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Check out our daily grow logs:

~ Base Mix ~
Premier Peet Moss

Bu’s Biodynamic Compost


~ Amendments ~

Neem Meal

Crab Meal

Kelp Meal

Kelp Meal (1-0-2)

Oyster Shell Flour

Rock Dust

Glacial Rock Dust

Music: “Forever Dumb” by Surf Curse

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Closet Grow   Marijuana Harvest   7 Cannabis Plants

Closet Grow Marijuana Harvest 7 Cannabis Plants

Closet Grow Marijuana Harvest 7 Cannabis Plants, Closet Grow Marijuana Harvest 7 Cannabis Plants
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The 12 Step Weed Grow Guide:  Easily Grow Quality Cannabis from the comfort of your Home!

***FREE Trial to my Step-by-Step Cannabis Grow Videos***
(email dylan@greenboxgrown.com for details on how to sign-up)

For more Intro to Growing Cannabis Videos, Visit: https://www.greenboxgrown.com/introduction-to-growing-cannabis/

You can also text our Grow Hotline with questions or concerns you may have with your plants. Text messages are returned within 24 hours. Click Here to Contact: https://goo.gl/TMPNEL

What up future cannabis Growers, and welcome to the most lit cannabis growing Channel! Now my name is Dylan, and today I’m going to be giving you guys the official GreenBox Grown 12 step guide to learning how to easily grow quality cannabis from the comfort of your home. Today I’m going to be giving you guys the quick basics of everything you need to know before you get  your grow started, so you can have everything together so you can have a successful Harvest your first time around. Now this guide is going to break everything up into really simple steps that you can follow along one by one, so that even if you have zero experience with growing cannabis you can still have a very successful Harvest your first time around.

Now if you are looking for a more detailed step-by-step way to learn how to grow cannabis, I do have those types of videos, which you can sign up for a via this link right here. And again those come with a two-week free trial so if you sign up today, you will not have to pay anything at all and you will have two full weeks free of charge to try out all of the videos. And you will have full access to our entire grow video library during that. Alright guys so now that you know what we are doing and today’s video, let’s get started with step 1 on that guide of how to easily grow quality cannabis from the comfort of your home!

Alright folks so we are out here in my garage where we have two of my current grows going, and we are going to be covering Step 1 of this grow guide which is of course selecting the location of your grow. So the first step to that is deciding are we going to be doing an indoor grow or an outdoor grow? Now if you do decide to do outdoor a highly recommend going with a green house because that is going to be the best way to prevent any issues such as pests or mold from getting on the plants and messing up your yields. Now you will also want to have a place that is going to have a lot of direct sunlight for that grow. Because in a greenhouse, obviously you can have supplemental lighting hanging up in there by having grow lights in the tent.

But you want to be mainly using that Sun, so be sure to pick an area that is outside and direct sunlight for most of the day, if you don’t have that then I would highly suggest and recommend growing indoors.  Now the other reason I really like indoors is I feel I can get better quality results. And here is actually a current grow that I’m doing right now, a photoperiod grow. But I find it is a lot easier to maintain your plants actually because you do not have to counteract the weather and make sure that the conditions are always on point inside the greenhouse.

So you so you can pretty much just automate and set up everything and it really a hassle-free way of growing. Now Outdoors is a really great way to grow in this very environmentally friendly, it is just a little more challenging to get that top quality product.

All right folks so that concludes today’s video which was the official GreenBox Grown 12 step guide on how to grow top quality cannabis from the comfort of your home! Again following this guide will help get you top quality results even if you have zero experience whatsoever with growing cannabis. I want to again remind you guys that if you are looking for more detailed step-by-step guidance, you can sign up for our premium Grow video library, which starts at .99 a month.

And if you decide to sign up for those videos today, you will get a two-week free trial where you will have access to the entire premium Content Library free of charge. So be sure to sign up so you can try that out and see if he’s videos work well with you. Not before I go, I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video and I want to thank you for watching as always, and until next time…

Happy Growing!

Cannabis growing can seem like a really daunting and expensive activity, but it is much easier than you think! When working 1-on-1 with a grow expert from GreenBox Grown, you get to learn as you go so you get the best results possible even during your first ever grow! The Green Box Grown video series’ breaks down each step of your grow and really simplifies the process, making it easy to follow. You will also learn how to grow on a budget so you don’t have to break the bank to get started! No matter what your growing experience may be, if you follow the GreenBox Grown series, you are guaranteed a successful harvest! Always have a supply of cannabis when you Grow Your Own.

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Master Your Seeds Before You Master Your Growing

Master Your Seeds Before You Master Your Growing

An old farmer saying is, you reap what you sow. Starting off with good seeds is not as easy it may seem. Having a trustworthy supplier of seeds is imperative to start for your successful grow. Don’t think just chucking any old seeds into the soil will give you a bountiful harvest. In this article, we will discuss SeedMasters.com and the top quality genetics they supply from a wide variety of top breeders.

Variety of cannabis seeds

A seed supplier should offer customers a variety of cannabis seeds for purchase. With the thousands of hybrids available worldwide, cannabis seeds come in many varieties. From feminized seeds that only germinate into female plants to auto-flowering seeds that flower no matter what the light conditions, the list is endless, strawberry, blueberry and pine flavors. Short flowering plants like Indica’s and bigger longer flowering plants like Sativa’s you have a world of variety when it comes to cannabis genetics.


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Buying Weed Seeds in Australia

Buying Weed Seeds in Australia

Are you searching for a place online to buy feminized cannabis seeds from in
Australia? We have you covered. In this short article you will learn where to buy
feminized cannabis seeds from Australia and get them discreetly delivered to
you. Youʼre bank wonʼt even show a clue of what the purchase is.

But first…

What exactly are feminized marijuana seeds?


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