Cannabis Strains on Bitcoin’s Blockchain

Cannabis Strains on Bitcoin’s Blockchain

Cannabis Strains on Bitcoin’s Blockchain a Relief for Patients, Growers (The Cryptoverse #119)

On today’s episode of The Cryptoverse:
A dozen medicinal cannabis cultivators and processors have partnered with Medicinal Genomics to record and track the genetics of cannabis strains on the Bitcoin blockchain to ensure product consistency and quality.

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Zimbabwe Legalizes Cannabis.

Zimbabwe Legalizes Cannabis.

The Zimbabwean government this week published a licensing regime that will allow the legal cultivation of cannabis, state-owned newspaper The Herald reported on Saturday.

Growing mbanje, as dagga is commonly known in Zim, will be legal for research and medical use under the new regulations, Statutory Instrument 62 of 2018, “Dangerous Drugs – Production of Cannabis for Medicinal and Scientific Use Regulations”.Zimbabwe has been considering such partial legalisation for the last eight months.

Five-year licences will clear also clear growers to possess, transport and sell fresh cannabis, cannabis oil, and dried product.The regulations impose an obligation on the government to consider the risk that dagga could be diverted to illicit use, complaints from police, or objections by local authorities.

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How Much Cannabis Oil for Dogs?

How Much Cannabis Oil for Dogs?

You know those articles where you have to search and search for the answer to the question the article is suppose to answer? Well not here!

Zero is the answer here. You cannot give your dog cannabis oil, no matter how big or small.

But that’s completely OK because instead, you can give your pup hemp CBD oil, which is pretty much the same thing — expect hemp CBD oil won’t get your pup high and isn’t toxic in high amounts, so that’s a pretty big difference actually.

And in the spirit of you easily finding your answer, you can skip to the bottom if you want how much CBD oil you should be giving your pets.

Cannabis Oil?


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Velvet Swing: Water-Based Cannabis Lubricant

Velvet Swing: Water-Based Cannabis Lubricant

Velvet Swing is available in Washington state and in select dispensaries in California. This unique water-based cannabis lubricant contains a balanced ratio of THC and CBD, as well as a custom terpene blend to maximize absorption.

  • 8 out of 10 women report very noticeably stronger and longer orgasms, and more ease having multiple orgasms
  • It’s WATER BASED, this is important. It is the ONLY cannabis lube that is water based and safe to use with condoms. All others are oil based.
  • Velvet Swing is made from NON IRRITATING ingredients, it will not irritate your sensitive places.
  • It does not smell like bong water! It has a very slight sweet flavor and scent, but your ladyparts will not smell like skunky weed!
  • It is non-staining so it will not stain your sheets or your lingerie.

How to use Velvet Swing

Apply Velvet Swing to the area, allow 20 minutes for the full effects, peak efficacy is at 40 minutes, effects will last up to two hours. You can re-apply as much as you wish.

Some ladies like 2-5 pumps for a mild-to-medium effect, other ladies use 5-10 for a STRONG effect.

Cannabis topicals almost never show up on routine employment drug screens.

Velvet Swing is made by women, and it’s fun for everyone!




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