Get Ready for the Peak!!!

Get Ready for the Peak!!!

The new era for dab rig is finally here. Introducing, The Peak by Puffco, this electronic smart rig will revolutionize the way you see and in essence, all vaporizers out there! Whether it is desktop, pen type, mod type, oil based, wax based, juice or whatever it is, name it! Puffco Peak is something you never have seen or used before. A plateau of vaporizer products might be in the market for all the consumers out there to spend their money with and we all know that when it comes down to burning some bucks, one thing surely does matter, THE QUALITY!

If you are looking for a vaporizer that will surely make you spit the words, “Hell, yeah! This is what I’m talking about!” Then you should look forward to this one! Before we talk about Puffco Peak’s features and the things that make this product a perfect fit for vape enthusiast and those that are prepping up to get into this hobby. Let’s discuss a little bit more about extracts, particularly cannabis extracts and why does a lot of vape enthusiast prefer this over flower or herbs? Well, you might already guess the reason why right?


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Roll a Backwoods Blunt With a Rolling Machine

Roll a Backwoods Blunt With a Rolling Machine

This video demonstrates how to use a rolling machine to successfully roll a Backwoods Blunt.
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Happy Smoking

Order your €100 euro rolling papers now.
Smoke with class!



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How to Vape Weed

How to Vape Weed

Learn how to use medical marijuana in a vaporizer. Bogart breaks out his Easy Vape vaporizer to show you easy, cost effective ways to enjoy the best benefits from your Medical Marijuana use.
Best Vape Shop 10% off coupon: “SUGI10”


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Update Bg Kush 2017 and Some Marijuana , Cannabis Pipes.

Update Bg Kush 2017 and Some Marijuana , Cannabis Pipes.

My baby gangsta kush has failed , ( my fault ) I hope 4 a better season in 2018 , maybe I will build a greenhouse or a mini closet grow room…for my mancave.
Thanks for watching see ya next time.

WHAT IS UP WORLD?! Join me today on CRUTCH as I get EXTREMELY HIGH dabbing and testing one of the first 100 prototypes of the “genius tatster” titanium dab nail attachment for the genius no cough weed pipe!!! If you enjoyed this video please SLAM that LIKE button and share it with your friends! If you need more CRUTCH in your life check out the playlists on this channel and SUBSCRIBE for a new cannabis related video all the time! #StayHigh friends!!




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Smoak Pipe Review | Cannabis Lifestyle TV

Smoak Pipe Review | Cannabis Lifestyle TV

Get a Smoak Pipe here ➡️

We always like to try out the latest and greatest products in the Cannabis industry, but sometimes you find that the classics are the most reliable and useful items to own.

This is one of those pieces…

The Smoak Pipe is a Wood Cigar-like Chillum or Stogie that is compact, extremely durable, and simple to use. We were fortunate to receive one of these pipes from the company so we decided to give it a try and review it while we do.

If you’re looking for premium Cannabis cultivation tools, check out Diamond Cut Co. ➡️

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Smoking Weed in the STEAMROLLER!!!

Gettin baked with the steamroller today.
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