Across the globe and in all likelihood someone you know, will have heard of, or is talking about, if not making use of CBD. And the variety of proven beneficial CBD infused products available to consumers is rapidly growing in popularity, due to testimonials from people including all walks of life. The Original Shark from Shark Tank Kevin Harrington founder of ‘As SEEN ON TV’ and known as the inventor of infomercials since he’ debut in ’84, has left he’s stamp of endorsement on CBDDY known for their quality CBD isolate, in the form of a (you guessed it!) Televised commercial, under way.

CBD Isolate, is Cannabidiol in its purest form, due to it being refined even further from the initial extraction (various methods of extraction include CO2, solvent and Chromatography-CPC) eliminating any by-products including THC. Due to the product being almost taste and odorless, it makes it ideal for use in edibles like CBDDY Just Peachy Hemp Gummies and CBD infused Honey.

Cultivated and harvested in Colorado, and processed in Arkansas, CBDDY has risen to the demand of patients and consumers by operating as a CBD wholesale supplier without compromising on quality vs quantity. In fact, CBDDY is known to have a higher percentage of pure CBD in their products, as compared to other manufactures, supplying their customers with not only a product that will improve their quality of life, but add value to their pocket too!

The CBDDY product range includes, Full spectrum and high potent CBD Vape Cartridges as well as Topical ointments, CBD infused Edibles and Cannabidiol Oils, available in dropper bottles, which have assisted many in discontinuing addictive, narcotic related, chronic medications.

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