Depending on your definition of “high”. CBD is not considered psychoactive but certainly does have a huge impact when administered to your body. Technically CBD is psychoactive although the effects are not like marijuana.

Unlike THC ( Tetrahydrocannabinol ), CBD does not cause you to have euphoric effects but does have a psychoactive effect when connecting to your endocannabinoid system ( ECS ). Researchers agree that cannabinoids are the bridge between the body and the mind and when they bind with receptors found throughout the ECS they help regulate bodily functions such as memory, mood, appetite and movement to name a few important bodily functions.

Psychoactive – (chiefly of a drug) affecting the mind.

So the effects are not like a “high” that we normally associate with cannabis, but rather a “high” that uplifts your body towards better health and wellness. There are many benefits associated to CBD and it may be used as an immune and nervous system natural supplement helping your body reach homeostasis. Cannabinoids like CBD have many physical, psychological and neurological benefits that have been proved in a number of peer-reviewed studies worldwide. With the broadening of cannabis laws worldwide we will see further studies being conducted and proving that cannabinoids are really an effective treatment for many diseases, conditions and illnesses, not to mention just natural balanced living.

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Does CBD make you high




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