With an increasing number of people using CBD oil supplements to treat a number of health conditions, one thing that has bothered most people is the potency level of these supplements and if they tend to lose potency after a couple of months or years.

According to reports, CBD tincture oils over time tend to lose potency, simply meaning that the cannabinoids and other beneficial compounds degrade gradually.

While the gradual degradation of cannabinoids and other helpful compounds do not actually pose a threat to consumers, its potency level is affected as well as its ability to interact with several systems in the body. However, to ensure that your CBD oil does not l ose potency, you will need to regularly replace them with fresh ones. Doing this will ensure that CBD oil interacts with your body system at an optimal level to bring about beneficial results.

One of the best ways to identify a CBD oil that has degraded in cannabinoid compound is through its smell and appearance. It has been revealed that CBD tinctures that have degraded or lost its potency tend to appear murkier than they usually would. Often times, you may notice that it has turned cloudy. While it is not actually toxic or dangerous to use a CBD oil that has degraded greatly in essential compounds, it is a waste of time as the desired result cannot be achieved.

CBD Oil Preservation Tips

Aside from the fact that you have to regularly replace your supplement, there are tested and proven preservation tips that can help retain the potency level of CBD oils. If you are searching for premium CBD oil, CheefBotanicals.com is a well established company offering a variety of high quality CBD products available online.

Store CBD Away From Heat & Light

To prevent your CBD oil from degrading, it is important that you store it away from heat and light. In addition, it is not advisable to keep your CBD oil on a counter that receives sunlight or even close to home appliances that produce heat.

While most people would prefer to store their CBD oil in a refrigerator, it is advised that you do not store in a freezer. Why? Some CBD oil products tend to do well in extreme cold condition while others have been made with a botanical blend of liquid compounds that will turn solid if stored in a freezer. The downside of this is that when they turn solid, they become almost impossible to use.

Avoid Exposure To Air & Humidity

Unknown to most people, exposure to air is capable of degrading cannabinoid compounds, thus, making your CBD oil lose potency. This is simply why most of the CBD oil supplements come in airtight bottles that have been designed to prevent an inflow of air.

High humidity or extreme fluctuations of humidity also could pose a threat to the potency of your CBD Oil. You want to store your CBD oil in an area with a consistent humidity level of 65% RH (relative humidity). High humidity has been known to speed up the degradation process of CBD oils.

To ensure that your CBD oil does not lose essential cannabinoid compounds, it is advised that you leave it in its container, however, if you must transfer for any reason, you need to ensure that the new container is suitable for short term and long term storage. In addition, after each use, endeavor to carefully tighten the lid of the bottle. If it has a cap, be sure to carefully snap on it after use to prevent airflow and indirectly losing its potency.

Best Place To Store Your CBD Oil

While it is clearly stated that light, heat, and air could make your CBD oil degrade, thus, losing its potency, there are a number of places you can conveniently store your CBD oil to prevent degradation of any kind. These places include;

  • A place that is cool but not extremely cold as some CBD oil products do not do well under extreme cold condition
  • A place that is dry, dark, and without exposure to air.
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