Poison City BrewingPoison City Brewing launched a new craft hemp beer on the South African market one day before the Constitutional Courts passing a judgement on allowing adults to cultivate and consume cannabis in the privacy of their own home! Effectively cannabis has been decriminalized for private consumption and the government will draw up a legal and regulated framework for the developing cannabis market. The 17 of September will be remembered on a high note for the founders of Poison City Brewing, Andre Schubert and Graeme Bird.

The beer has already taken well the market in Durban and Johannesburg and soon to be retailed in Cape Town. The beer is a perfect addition to the up and coming summer season that South Africans generally enjoy sipping lagers outdoors and under the sun. This hemp infused light premium lager has a uniquely crisp and refreshing taste and is best served cold and served with a joint. Don’t forget to be a responsible adult and enjoy them together cautiously if its your first time.

“We always wanted to bring out a beer that would contain cannabis because we have always known about the link between hops and cannabis.” 

It is only 4% alcohol and is therefore a light beer that does not contain any psychoactive compounds from the cannabis plant. The cannabis plant is related to the crafts beer main ingredient, hops, and for that reason is a perfect match for a craft beer. Hemp is an industrial agricultural crop that is related to the psychoactive cannabis plant commonly referred to as marijuana and known as dagga in South Africa. Hemp has recently been making news headlines across the world in recent years as it contains large volumes of cannabinoids known as Cannabidiol or CBD.

A light bodied, easy drinking, crisp and refreshing American lager with a slightly spicy, yet clean and balanced flavour.

While this stash of Durban Poison won’t get you high (it contains no THC), it will however make you happy with its unique crisp flavour and easy-drinking vibes. We’ve simply replaced some of the hops with hemp, a related plant that adds a similar flavour, but also has that feel good factor Durban is famous for. –poison.city

Durban Poison Craft Beer was first pre-launched at a Tops Spar, Durban, South Africa. This is the reasoning for the name of the beer, as one of the top 5 most popular strains in the world today is Durban Poison. Durban Poison is a sativa cannabis plant that is well known for its uplifting, energetic and powerful highs.

DDurban Poison Dutch Passionutch Passion original Durban Poison® is a classic outdoor and indoor variety, tough enough for outdoor growing in extreme Northern/Southern latitudes. She was brought to Holland from South Africa and was inbred over many years during the 70’s. With each generation Durban Poison® became increasingly adapted to the windy and rainy conditions of Northern Europe. During the breeding process some unknown indica genetics have been crossed with Durban. Durban may initially show wide indica style leaves but the growth pattern allows the sativa dominance to show by the end with long blooms pierced by slim sativa-style leaves. Buy Now

The CBD-rich Supreme was also used to conceive Nirvana Seeds second CBD rich strain, called Supreme CBD Durban. She has 8% CBD and 8% THC, so a 1:1 ratio. They used an IBL Durban Poison, which they thought would work well to create a stable high CBD strain. And so it did. This hybrid is sativa dominant (70%) so she grows out quite tall. During the flowering period she will add 2/3 to her height, so please limit the growing period. Durban CBD is a great strain to use in a SCROG setup. She grows vigorously with large fan leaves and fingers that are widely set apart. Flowering will take between 60 to 70 days. Buy Now


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