If you have not heard about CBD from someone who’s mother, grandfather, friend, or work colleague is attesting to it, you would have read about it while searching online for “Natural-Healthy-Alternatives”, or just about any subject relating to a elevated state of health and quality of life for that matter. The proven benefits of 100% Natural Hemp derived Cannabidiol (CBD) tincture, has brought long term sustainable relief to people having to deal with stress related afflictions and symptoms without any hindrance or side effects to their bodies or daily schedules that include work, travel, gym/exercise and general social interactions.

For some jetting off is as comfortable as walking from the kitchen to the couch, for others, the mere thought of their feet leaving the ground, is a seemingly uncontrollable petrifying experience. Physically, Mentally and Emotionally this can put a damper on not only leisure travelers dreading smiley Instagram group selfies while desperately clutching onto to the armrest (or unlucky fellow passenger’s arm) of their plane seat, but surprisingly, even frequent flyers suffer a fair amount of anxiety when travelling by plane many on business related trips, who rely on a variety and sometimes combination of readily available over-the-counter drugs, alcohol and conventionally prescribed medications, with noticeable effects on their day to day functions and performance.

CBD provides depending on the quantity, quality and method of consumption (immediate or gradual onset), not only a focused and calm state of mind but a whole host of minerals and anti-oxidants contained within the cannabis plant. Even though it is a known, verified, scrutinized, analyzed, documented and accepted fact that Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive compound (no whooohoo effect!) extracted from the Cannabis Plant, (making it legal in most countries, but ALWAYS check what local legalization laws of the state, county or country you are travelling to or from looks like), it is by sheer association to the cannabis plant that also contains thc, that causes all the fuss and endless legal jargon. Thousands of people travel on a daily basis with CBD related infused products without any apprehension.

Should you be concerned about travelling with your eye-dropper bottle sized oil, have another drop! On a serious note, State appointed law enforcement is generally on the lookout for flower or buds which are pungent and easily sniffed out by dogs, not the lady who earlier in the morning applied CBD oil to her face to prevent her skin from drying out during her 4 hour flight to a business meeting or the athlete who applied a couple of drops to he’s tea to ease the pain from a sprained ankle. No Full Spectrum CBD oil is 100% free from thc, even if the manufacturer tells you it is. Depending on the CBD:THC ratio, during lab testing only the thc will be flagged if picked up at all, since it is present in such a miniscule amount.

For your own peace of mind simply ensure your CBD product is kept in an airtight container. Rather leave it in your luggage as opposed to ‘on you’ during the duration of your flight. Only take enough to last your trip, and “Relax and Enjoy your flight. Thank you for flying with CBD, The global carrier!”


Written by Maritza
Published by cannabispromoter.com

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