The new era for dab rig is finally here. Introducing, The Peak by Puffco, this electronic smart rig will revolutionize the way you see and in essence, all vaporizers out there! Whether it is desktop, pen type, mod type, oil based, wax based, juice or whatever it is, name it! Puffco Peak is something you never have seen or used before. A plateau of vaporizer products might be in the market for all the consumers out there to spend their money with and we all know that when it comes down to burning some bucks, one thing surely does matter, THE QUALITY!

If you are looking for a vaporizer that will surely make you spit the words, “Hell, yeah! This is what I’m talking about!” Then you should look forward to this one! Before we talk about Puffco Peak’s features and the things that make this product a perfect fit for vape enthusiast and those that are prepping up to get into this hobby. Let’s discuss a little bit more about extracts, particularly cannabis extracts and why does a lot of vape enthusiast prefer this over flower or herbs? Well, you might already guess the reason why right?

Basically, extracts are more potent than dried herbs! Especially, if it is cannabis extracts that we are talking about, it has a lot of advantages compared to flowers or herbs, from which they are derived from. But let’s be honest and all vape enthusiast out there knows this certain fact. It’s the device that brings out the magic, right? For those that prefer using extracts rather than herbs or flowers, (whatever you might term it) you should try checking out Puffco Peak, there’s a certain reason why it placed if not first, but surely one of the best vaporizers out there. Puffco Peak is not just the new face of dab rig vaporizers, it’s a beast!

Puffco Peak Best Features

Temperature Calibration

One of the best features that Puffco Peak’s has to offer is that it has a built-in smartware intelligent temperature calibration technology. What does this technology do? Well, it adjusts automatically the heat on the ceramic bowl of the device, resulting to more stable use and frequent use of sesh-mode.


Puffco Peak also added a sesh-mode. Sesh-mode is designed to extend the session time for 15 seconds while increasing the heat. Users can make use of this mode to boost the device’s performance and vapor production. Perfect for hardcore users, you can now achieve the thrill you’re looking for with The Peak!

Less Heating Time

Unlike conventional dab rigs, The Peak by Puffco offers less heating time with an average of 20 seconds. Literally speaking, you’ll wait less and enjoy more with this beast!

Heat Settings

For starting vape users, the peak is also the best pick! It has only 4 heat settings that is user-friendly, easy to understand and use. For veterans and hardcore, who said that the peak is not for you? Whatever you prefer; small or huge loads, flavor over big smokes, using it the way you see fit is not a problem at all!

Beast-like Performance

Now, there’s a reason why I’m always calling this thing, “the beast”. Care to know why? The reason is Puffco Peak also offers a battery that lasts longer compared to traditional dab rigs, even pen type or desktop type vaporizers would not hold a candle with this beast here. This only means one thing, longer, and I mean literally longer session! Yes, not only that. The charging time for The Peak is about two (2) hours and you can use it or should I say it last around up to 30 or more dabs! Well, maybe there are some that can match but we can all agree that the peak is genuinely unique on its own.

Light Indicator And The Haptic Feedback

Now, for newbies just like I said a while ago, The Peak is user-friendly making it one of the best wax vaporizers of 2018. It garnered lots of recognition from all vape enthusiast worldwide. One of the reasons why, (actually, there a LOT of reasons, and all of them are good ones.) is its led light indicator that shows temperature levels and battery life. For temperature, it has 4 lights that indicate different levels of heat. Blue – Low, Green – Medium, Orange – High and White – PEAK. For the battery, well, as usual, Green – 100 to 60 percent, Yellow – 60 to 30 percent and Red – 15 to 0 percent. Pretty easy to remember, right. The Peak also has Haptic Feedback that allows users to keep the right timing and momentum for dabbing so you can always get that perfect hit.

Flawless Design

Talking about appearance, Puffco Peak will not lose out! I’m telling you guys, it can literally, hold its own candle! Unlike other dab rigs, The Peak is cleverly designed to look like a regular pen type vaporizer or mod type vaporizer. With its classy and elegant finishing touch, who would even think it’s a dab rig type vaporizer after all?

Highly Versatile For Dab Rig

With a dimension of 7 inches high and 2.75 inches of its base Puffco Peak is easy to carry, you can even take it wherever you want! This makes Puffco Peak more appealing, unlike (AGAIN) traditional dab rigs, you can already forget those kinds of stuff exist! Carry it outside, enjoy it while traveling! There’s no stopping you, well, just make sure that it is fully charged before using it.

Better Vaporization Performance

Puffco Peak uses water-filtration simply to boost vaporization performance, unlike pen type and mod type vaporizers this electronic dab rig vaporizer will bring out the best from your extracts!

Those are just some of the features Puffco Peak has to offer not just to veterans but also to newbies who wanted to start this hobby. Basically, the product offers promising features that will surely satisfy anyone. If you will ask me, is it worth throwing my money in? Well, if you’re looking for something that will provide you the best quality, that is worth investing your money with, then definitely I assure you that Puffco Peak that thing.

But wait, let’s not end this with just that! Of course, you wanted to learn more and discover what you will be receiving if you purchase this, right? Let’s continue!

What Do You Get…

Aside from having your own Puffco Peak Device, you will also be receiving a carrying case for storing purposes when you are not using it. Cleaning swabs, for maintenance. You will always want to keep your device in proper condition, right? A loading tool for loading wax. A micro USB cable and a fast charging charger, carb cap and an extra ceramic bowl! Wait, did I also mention that they offer a one (1) year warranty? Yes, I did not mention it yet, until now! And again, YES folks, a one (1) year warranty BUT only for the electronic base of the device, it covers possible factory defects though. And this warranty does not include the glass, atomizers, normal wear and some tears or any damages caused by the negligence of the user.

Now I know guys that $379 bucks is something that can’t be easily thrown away but try to consider all the good stuff you will get from this. Well, if you ask me again it’s a win-win situation, don’t you agree? I got mine from, I hope this article helps you out to answer or clear some doubts about Puffco Peak. If you want to learn more, do some extra research! That way you can eliminate the remaining doubts left in your heart, I would do the same if I were in your place though.

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