The cannabis industry is evolving faster than a bun in the oven and the reasons for this are due to relaxation of laws and the advancement of technologies in the cannabis industry.

Only a couple of years ago cannabis enthusiasts were generally aware of one small part of cannabis,
tetrahydrocannabinol or commonly known as THC. This is the cannabinoid that is responsible for the psychoactive effect that cannabis produces. Cannabis has been a popular recreational activity and there are many claimed medical benefits of cannabis that are being verified through the studies that are being produced by laboratories across the globe.

Scientists have identified over 500 compounds in the cannabis plant species. The majority of compounds in cannabis are either cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, CBD, THCV amongst many others. Terpenes are fairly new to the market but making a huge impact on the cannabis industry. Terpenes are the volatile unsaturated hydrocarbons essential oils found in many other plants. They are responsible for the aroma and flavors of plants such as lavender, pine, citrus and many others. Terpenes are abundantly found in cannabis sativa and technology now allows us to extract these potentially therapeutic oils from cannabis. offers state of the art quality terpenes direct to you from their website. They have a wide range of pure quality terpenes that are strain specific and categorized neatly into indica, sativa and hybrid varieties.

Grape ApeSwagg Terpenes - Grape Ape Indica is one of their top terpenes available on their website and available in 2ml, 5ml, 15ml or 150ml ( 4OZ) bottles. Swagg Terpenes profiles are made from food grade flavor enhancing ingredients. They are extracted from quality plant materials and allow you to have a strain-specific flavor in the palm of your hands.

All Swagg Terpenes are oil soluble and infuse well with plant-based fats such as coconut oil and such. 1 ml of terpenes can be used to flavor between 5g and 20g of oil. Grape Ape terpenes smell exactly like their name, sweet grapes and hints of berries with earthy undertones. They don’t just smell great but also have potential medical and therapeutic value. Grape Ape terpenes make you feel relaxed, melt stress and induce sleep. This indica strain provides full-body muscle tension relief and leaves you feeling distressed. A heavy sedative you will love the couchlock body high typical of indica strains.

“Indica strains carry a variety of aroma profiles such as pine, pungent skunk, earth, hash, sweet fruity. The effects produced by Indica strains can be very relaxing, typically providing a full-body muscle and tension relief, with lighter cerebral effects in comparison to sativa strains. Indica terpenes can be ideal for relieving tension and anxiety after work or at the end of the day. Benefits with anxiety, insomnia, muscles spasms and tension, chronic pain, and menstrual cramps may also be effects of Indica strains.”

Effect: relaxing, happy, sedative
Fragrance: berry, earthy, grape
What’s in the bottle: 100% Swagg Terpene, nothing else!

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