In this video, Grow Pot Cheaply explains the harvesting and drying process for cannabis. The marijuana plant he shows us in his indoor garden have big beautiful buds. He will have a great cannabis harvest for sure! This video will go in the How To Grow playlist. Check out the Grow Pot Cheaply channel for more cannabis gardening classes.
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2.7’x2.7’x6.7′ grow tent
Multiple various fans
10 gallon smart pot
325w Heater
1x “King Plus” Generic 200w (power draw) LED
1x Viparspectra 130w (power draw) LED
1x Viparspectra 200w (power draw) LED
4in iPower exhaust fan w/ carbon filter
Garden clippers
Scrog net, 3″x 3″
Soft Garden Tie
Standard 1 Gallon Pressure Garden Sprayer

Fox Farm Grow Big and Tiger Bloom
Liquid Seabird Guano
Spray and Grow Micronutes
Seaweed Extract
PH up/down

3 parts Ocean Forest
2 parts Black Gold
2 parts Perlite
2 cups Azomite Rock Dust Every 6 weeks
1/2 parts dolomite Lime

cannabis grow medical marijuana weed flower bushy topping lst scrog canopy. cannatips
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