Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, is fast becoming the therapeutic supplement of choice in recent years. From professional sportsmen through to patients suffering from many conditions and diseases. Scientific research is also supporting CBD as a potential natural alternative to traditional medicines that are often prescribed to patients or purchased over the counter. The evidence is fast building up to confirm the merits of the medicinal and health benefits of cannabis. SmokingThings

What is CBD and how does it work

Cannabidiol is a compound found in the cannabis sativa plant. The CBD cannabinoid is extracted mainly from the hemp variety of cannabis sativa as it is found in large volumes, in comparison to THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol ( THC ) is the cannabinoid that is psychoactive, while CBD is not. Both cannabinoids are the most commonly found cannabinoids found in cannabis, amongst a hundred other identified compounds. The cannabinoids bind and activate receptors found in our endocannabinoid system ( ECS). Our ECS is comprised of our immune and nervous system, including our brain.

The CBD cannabinoid once bound to the receptors regulates hormone and cell production in the ECS. CBD, CBD Medicinetherefore, helps to regulate bodily functions and limited to memory, movement, appetite and other important daily functions. It is generally agreed that the reactions CBD have helped bring the body functions back into balance with a host of medical and health benefits.

There are overwhelming peer-reviewed studies that confirm CBD is an important non-toxic and natural supplement that can reduce stress and improve energy. CBD is being used to improve quality of life for patients suffering from Cancer, Arthritis, PTSD, insomnia, epilepsy, chronic pain management, mental health issues and many other diseases and conditions. Public demand and support for CBD as a daily nutritional supplement to reduce stress in the workplace, improve performance on the sports field and guarantee a quality night is taking the world by storm.

Thousands of people each day are turning to CBD as part of their daily diet intake, to be proactive with their health and well-being. There are numerous ways to deliver CBD to our bodies, either through vaping or smoking, topical treatments like salves, balms as well as in tinctures or in edibles. The variety of ways to consume CBD also have different reactions in each individual and their environment. Although there is no agreed RDI of CBD, its generally agreed to start CBD “low and slow”.

CBD products also come in a variety of different concentrations such as vape juice dropper with 50MG or a pack of gummies with 1000MG. Starting low and slow is good advice. And once you feel the benefits of CBD increase you may decide to increase your dosage as needed. The other often overlooked health benefit of CBD is that side effects are not severe. Patients cannot overdose on CBD and the side effects can leave you with a dry mouth, a feeling of nausea or feeling sleepy.

As the broadening of cannabis laws take shape all over the world many more studies will confirm the potential of CBD as an alternative to traditional medicines.

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