In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to pollinate and harvest cannabis seeds that can later be used to cross with other strains.. to create our own strains! Pheno hunting is a dedicated hobby.. it takes patience.. but it’s worth it!

1000W Ushio MH (Blue) –
1000W Ushio HPS (Red) –
1000W Electronic Ballast –
Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur –
Advanced Nutrients Pro Kit –
Adjust-A-Wing Reflector –
Grow Light Hangers –
EcoPlus Air Pumps –
EcoPlus Air Manifold –
Titan C02 Generator –
Lasko Oscilating Fans –
440 CFM Inline Fans –
Carbon Filter –
Air Ducting –
Humidifier –
Dehumidifier –

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