Are you ready to start growing Cannabis?

Growing cannabis at home may seem complicated since most people don’t have the right information. Most people exaggerate growing cannabis, but this has to end now! The following is a guide on How to Grow Cannabis at Home:

You should consider the following factors:

Your grow space.
Your desired yields.
Your budget.

What you require to grow cannabis at home

Air- Growing cannabis at home requires a well-ventilated space that has a slight breeze and proper air exchange.
Light- You need good light (whether from grow lights or sunlight) to get the yields and bud quality.
Growing Medium- You can choose a growing medium which includes soil.
Temperature – If exposed to high temperature, cannabis may dry up.
Nutrients – You can buy extra pre-formulated and add them to water. You can also use your own compost manure for all the nutrients you need
Water – Like any other plant, cannabis also needs water to grow and survive. Make sure that your “tap water” is suitable for growing cannabis.

If you intend to grow cannabis outdoors or indoors, you need to ensure that you have all the above resources.

Cannabis takes around 10 weeks to grow. Indoors take a shorter time to grow as compared to growing them in the outdoor because you have more control over them.

Common mistakes that you can make while growing cannabis at home.

1. Most people tend to forget the essential component like light schedules, and root pH. If you do not Grow cannabishave the right essentials, you will produce sickly plants. If you have the best essentials, you deserve to get a top-quality bud.

2. You should never conduct spur-of-the-moment experiments which may hurt and sometimes kill your plants. You should counter check any idea from the Internet before trying any idea.

3. Learn from your fellow growers. Don’t make the same mistakes they made.

Steps that you should follow to grow Cannabis.

Step 1 –  Determine the place you want to grow your cannabis (Indoors or Outdoors).


With an indoor environment, it means you have total control of the plant. You provide what they need to grow. If you want to grow indoor plants, ensure you regulate the temperature. Maintain a temperature of a range (20-30°C). If the plants are a little bit older, then keep the temperatures a little bit lower at a range of (18-26°C) for the best trichome production, color, and smell. If you need to install a lot of lights, you need to install an air conditioner to ensure that your indoor plants have the best temperature range.

* Outdoor Growing.

It is cheaper to grow cannabis in outdoor as compared to indoor. You will need to be cautious about privacy, possible stealing, possible pollination, bugs, and deer. You should water the plants regularly, and if it’s rainy, you should ensure that your plants are not overwatered. You should control your temperatures because if it’s dry, your plants may dry.

Step 2 –Choose Your Grow Light.

You can choose the kind of light you want which includes;

The Sun.
Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs (CFLs.
Metal Halide (MH.
LED grow lights.
High-Pressure Sodium (HPS).
LEC (CMH) grow lights.

If you are using the sun as the source of light, you must ensure that your plants are getting at least eight hours of direct sunlight to get the best quality of cannabis.

Step 3 – Choose Your Growing Medium.

The following are the commons growing mediums:

Soil – You can use organic composted super soil to ease growing. You can also begin with FFOF (Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil mix) which already contains the nutrients that the plant may require.

Soilless Mix- You can use coco coir, vermiculite, and perlite as your growing medium.

Hydroponics or Directly in Water – You can combine HID grow lights to get the fastest growth and huge yields.

If you have limited options while choosing your soil, you can buy an organic pot mixture that is available at your nearest big-box store.

Step 4- Choose Your Nutrients.

For people using soil, you will be required to test your soil before you begin farming your cannabis. You will be required to add extra nutrients when the plant is flowering since cannabis plants are heavy feeders.

If you are Soilless and Hydroponic, you must ensure that you get cannabis nutrients that have been made specifically for hydroponics. Some nutrients are very specific.

Root pH.

You should maintain your root pH to prevent nutrient problems. The simplest method to that is testing the pH of your water before adding it to your plants. Even if your cannabis does well at the vegetative stage, the plant tends to be prone to diseases at flowering stage. Even if you have the right nutrient, your plant might not absorb them the right way if the root pH isn’t in the range. For soil growers, you should maintain a pH of around 6 to 7 and for you Hydroponics growers you should maintain a pH of 5.5 – 6.5. Ensure you get the exact pH regularly and ensure it stays within the range.

Step 5 – Get Your Cannabis Plants.

It’s simple to get cannabis plants. You can choose either to buy seed or clones. Most cannabis dispensaries tend to be a little bit reluctant to sell seed to you, but they will freely sell clones. It a good thing to buy clones or seed from a trusted source as it helps you have the best genetics.

Step 6- Germinate Cannabis Seeds.

You can use many methods to germinate cannabis seeds. The best method to germinate the seeds is by placing them in specialized equipment like a starter cube.

Step 7- Vegetative Stage.

Cannabis grows faster when the temperatures are warmer. At this stage, you should concentrate on making your plant big and strong. You should only feed the plant when it shows signs of needing extra nutrients. At this, you can tell if your cannabis is going to be male or female. At this stage ensure that your pants direct sunlight during the day.

Step 8- Flowering Stage.

At this stage, your plant begins producing buds. This stage lasts until harvest. You should get rid of all males at this stage. You can differentiate female plants and males as female start growing wispy white hairs and male begin growing pollen/balls that don’t have white hairs/pistils.

Step 9- Harvest Your Weed

You should wait until buds stop growing. At this point, your buds should be fragrant. You should until at least 45% of the white hairs have changed color to white. When 85-95% turns dark, your buds are ready for harvest. One of the most challenging things about growing weed is waiting for the exact time to harvest.

Step 10- Dry you newly harvest buds.

After you have cut off the buds, you should hang them upside down in a place that’s cool and dark and has lot ventilation so that they can dry out. The buds should dry slowly and often check for over drying or molds. After your cannabis has dried, you should cure them to ensure that they have a smooth, good smell, good taste and have the best effects. To cure your cannabis, put them in quart-sized mason jars that are tightly closed and place them in a cool dark place. Fill the jar about ¾. For the first two weeks open the jars once a day. Sample the buds during curing period until you get the finest bud. Some may take up to 30 days.


Cannabis Bud

And this should be an example of your labor.

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