Today: how to make simple hash pucks of pressed trichomes with nothing but your kief and a tool called a pollen press. Why would you want to press kief into a puck? Because kief burns waaay too fast in its loose form and these puck pieces burn slow. Plus, puck chunks are fun! Read full description for all the links!

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Today on Lex’s World I wanted to do a quick episode on some kief I accumulated. What is Kief? (yes, this is the most common spelling, though some spell it kif) It’s little trichomes all piled up. Those trichomes have to be mechanically removed from the plant in some way, for most people that happens at the bottom of their grinders. I will also create a kief puck (or Hash Puck, if you prefer) by using a pollen press on it. Why would you want to do this? Because Kief burns very easily and a lot of it goes to waste when smoked, but the compressed puck pieces burn surprisingly slow, lasting much longer! These presses are a HUGE markup item in retail stores. I’ve seen the T presses sold for + and small presses for -. Don’t pay that…above are less-expensive alternatives that also allow you to support this youtube show.

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