Whether you are Rolling, Wrapping, Dabbing or Packing, distinguishing between Good or Bad weed is not as intimidating as it may seem once you get past all the technical jabber. In this instance “bad”, referring to what you should bag and chuck, and “good”, referring to what you would generally be consuming from a reputable source, if not growing your own. Most importantly, and this cannot be overstated enough, is that it is essential for your own health, even more so when making a Medicinal Cannabis purchase, to ensure your product is free from harmful chemicals and additives that can lead to a contaminated harvest and literally green-ends-inside-out, results. Doubtfully the kind of good vibrations you will be after. How to tell if weed is good. 

Every herbalist, hippie and jigga-man agrees that it is best to incorporate sight and smell, and don’t be shy to get frisky with your flower. Even if you do not know the strain of the bud, you can get a good idea of the quality simply by familiarizing yourself with characteristics to look out for.

A good healthy plant will have a coating of thick and shiny trichome beads, and bud that separates easily without crumbling away in your hand.

Nose your bold vs mold. Dat sticky icky ickee may be a sign of furry foes growing at the core of your nugget. Funky smelling weed, is a tell-tale sign of powdery mildew and/or possibly not dried and cured correctly plants. Visually the product may appear perfectly fine. This is especially true when it comes to weed that was not flushed properly. When the buds are not cured enough and packed to early mold, referred to by irate instead of irie customers as “boogity brown”, can develop during the time it takes to get from source to end user, and actually affects the trichomes on the flower. Open up the bud and check close to the stem.

Written by www.cannabispromoter.com


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