Cannabis laws have been changing in the United States since 1996 when California broadened their medical marijuana laws and allowed responsible use of cannabis for adults. Cannabis California is the epicentre of the cannabis industry worldwide and since legalizing recreational cannabis, the industry has blossomed.

Californian cannabis consumers are fast adopting cannabis as a plant of choice for recreational use and medical use. Its now as easy to buy cannabis as it is to buy a Bud Light. Finding a dispensary or delivery service is still difficult, but one that stands out from the rest is With well over 50 plus 5 star google reviews, a fully comprehensive website you can order off, Cannabisonfire is the cannabis delivery service of choice for consumers in California.

Cannabis delivery in Oakland and East Bay and Oakland anytime and anywhere straight from our website that is user and mobile friendly.

“We provide you with fast delivery services with the help of our professional drivers who are dedicated to delivering your order on time and in a courtesy, professional manner. We are a cannabis delivery service in Oakland totally committed to providing the very best quality and selection to Bay Area communities. We collaborate with the best cannabis farmers to provide you with the highly rated flowers, edibles, pre-rolls, concentrates, vapor pens, beverages, tinctures and sublinguals, topicals and capsules. It is our mission provide high quality products — we are proud to be a leader in California’s cannabis development and community.”


Whats more is that you are in luck, cannabis delivery is free around most of East Bay, cash is king and the professional drivers accept cash only. Your delivery is packaged in discreet unmarked bags to ensure the safety of the quality of your product. We are licensed and legal, so we stay within the regulations of Proposition 215. Looking forward to delivering the finest cannabis to your door.




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