Since 2017 legal recreational marijuana sales have been legal in the state of Nevada. However, a turn of events has seen police cracking down on illegal black market sales especially online. With the amount of money involved in the marijuana industry, it goes without question that unscrupulous dealers would up their game a notch and ignore the dispensaries and pot shops trying to supply quality regulated cannabis products for both medical and recreational sales.

Nevada cannabis stores cleared half a billion dollars in sales ( 2017 ) in the first year of legal pot sales and this brought in a fair amount of tax revenue for state coffers. One of the biggest concerns is that cannabis consumers are being lured into purchasing illegal marijuana by unscrupulous cannabis peddlers, when they in all fairness now have the legal right to purchase quality cannabis products. Further to that, the cannabis industry is cutthroat and dispensaries battle to stay ahead of the competition. From a consumers perspective where does one start to look for reliable and legal pot sales?

Luckily there is an informative website that is totally focused on the cannabis industry in Nevada, especially Las Vegas. has listings of pot dispensaries and delivery services, It is packed with articles giving cannabis consumers further information about the legal status and the requirements for adults to legally access cannabis. They also share cannabis dispensaries weekly deals on cannabis products. From first-time customer appreciation deals through to loyalty products offers customers and tourists some of the most comprehensive information online. If you are interested in purchasing cannabis products, this should be your first port of call!

Not only will you have a heads up to where the best legal deals are, you will be rest assured that you are in safe hands and have professional assistance. Listed dispensaries are also peer-reviewed from other online users and you will get all the information needed to make sure you make the right cannabis purchase. Cannabis is expensive, so buying from a black market dealer could not only be a costly exercise but also potentially put you in the firing line of law and order.

Cannabis dispensaries

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