Love Hemp CBDLove Hemp is a range of products manufactured in the United Kingdom using the finest quality cherry picked hemp oils imported from Colorado, United States. The Love Hemp CBD products are sold and distrubuted by for the Ageless and therefore come with product quality assurance and free shipping worldwide.

The many benefits of cannabidiol ( CBD ) are well known amongst people from all the corners of the globe, but we are still learning more about this powerful cannabinoid each day. Cannabis has made big news about its potential medical value and the many peer-reviewed studies are piling up with evidence that supports these claims. From treatment of many known conditions and ailments CBD can also assist one with maintaining a healthy lifestyle as well as body and mind wellness.

All Love Hemp products use CBD oil that is extracted using sustainable farming practices and the gold standard of extraction methods. CO2 supercritical closed-loop extraction removes all the CBD from the hemp plant, making sure no residues or containments are left over in the oils. The final product contains no THC and is non-addictive, non-toxic and certified through through third-party laboratories.

We feature the best organic products for better healthspan and natural rejuvenation of both body and soul. We offer monthly sales and product bundles.

The Love Hemp is a complete range of hemp products that you may include in your daily diet of nutrition. From CBD sprays through to CBD oils and CBD gummies, we have something that will suit your requirements.

CBD Gummies Love Hemp
CBD gummies, are delicious and actually a sweet. Each gummy is infused with 10MG of full-spectrum CBD Oil and tastes great.

– 10MG CBD oil
– natural flavours and colours.
– bio-degradable packaging
– 3rd party quality tested.

Love Hemp CBD Salve

Love Hemp CBD salve is jam packed with 300MG of organic soothing and rejuvenating oils. The 100MG of CBD oil that is infused with a carefully blend of organic coconut oil, beeswax, argan oil, rosehip oil and gernaium oil will ensure your skin will feel soft, oil-free and fresh.

– 100MG of CBD oil
– 3rd party quality tested.
– No additives or preservatives

Go ahead, it is worth trying one of the fastest growing modern therapeutic plants and receiving the  many benefits of including it in your daily diet. Our CBD products will not make you feel ” high” and are only made of the finest natural ingredients.





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