As I sit here here writing about fnnnn mini dab rigs and micro dab rigs I came across these two youtubers. No offence, but damn guys lets pick it up a knotch. What happened to people grinding some organic flower and topping it with some charas and having a slow toke. I totally understand and believe in the development the cannabis industry but these kids of today trying to suck in 31grams of concentrate in one pull is just ludicrous.

This industry is getting out of hand and we should look at Responsible Cannabis Use. Not people pulling puffs off every second of the day, with bags under their eyes and drawn in cheeks. Since cannabis was decriminalized in South Africa for personal consumption I have actually smoked less weed than ever before.

A good friend taught me many years ago about smoking weed respectfully, its a plant with alot of power and should be respected. I totally get searching and hunting for the 1 hit high and best tasting cannabis with the cleanest and tastiest flavours. I even get the development of cannabinoids and terpenes for medical and recreational use, there are no limits for us.

But please bozo’s stop abusing weed and thinking its a chocolate. Its taken along time to change the laws for the better and all this hipster crap is just going prove that cannabis makes you moggy. So step away from the concentrate and go abuse your playstation, or a piece of chocolate.


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