Marijuana entrepreneur takes business up north

By Jessica De Nova/

EAGLE POINT, Ore.-The President and CEO of Grow Condos said his business is booming because Oregonians legalized recreational marijuana.

Wayne Zallen constructs buildings for marijuana growers to cultivate their crop.

His 10 units in Eagle Point are all leased, but he said people are asking for more.

Zallen said Jackson County leaders weren’t working with him, so he made plans up north.

“We’re in the process of getting about 45,000 square feet up in Eugene, underway and we’re trying to get about five acres outside of Portland into escrow so we can start building more units,” said Zallen.

The Jackson County Board of Commissioners said land use ordinances have not been developed for commercial recreational marijuana sites.

Commissioners said the Oregon Liquor Control Commission would be involved in that process.
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