Entrepreneurs are in Vancouver for a marijuana conference where they can pitch their products to investors.
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Marijuana Minute Sept 8, 2015: Los Angeles Cannabis Entrepreneurs Convention, Monsanto's GMO Weed?

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This month, September 16-18 at the Los Angeles Convention Center in California will be the Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo. Now this convention will be the focus of opportunities for entrepreneurs and exhibitions of new Technologies, the participation of end users will be mute. One of the Exhibitors will be The Green Exchange Incorporated the developers of www.tryloud.com also known as “Loud Cannabis.” This is the first company to offer California medical patients, with recommendations, high quality, organic, pesticide-free cannabis delivered fresh from the farm – to the home. This entity has put together a portal for the Medical Marijuana community to collaborate and engage relationships to purchase cannabis on an innovative auction platform. Unfortunately, California Law doesn’t mention obtaining medical services through a mobil app and based on Googles guidelines prohibiting promotions of illegal activity the app was pulled. Green Exchange will appeal Googles decision based on patients rights to receive medical treatment. In the mean time Green Exchange is directing Android users to use its mobile website. If your able to attend the convention make sure to show your support of Loud Cannabis at the Green Exchange Exhibit.

Business Insider reports a team of researchers from Phylos Bioscience launched last year a project to map the genetic structure of marijuana to prevent corporate interests from capitalizing on legal weed or securing patents on particular strains. It has been rumored, Monsanto, a multinational agrochemical corporation, was creating molecular modified marijuana in advance of Federal legalization. Although Monsanto denies any such rumors it is alleged that hidden labs around the US have these marijuana GMO’s threatening the abundance of strains and giving the cooperation the upper hand to profit widely once the Feds give the green light. Co-founder and Chief Scientific officer at Phylos Bioscience stated at a conference in Portland, Oregon pot is a crop on par with corn regarding its multifunctional properties and biological reach. The discovery of marijuanas DNA blueprint and various strains would hopefully keep pot “in the public domain” outside of the private sector that would imperil the bud’s biological potential. Please read more on the Cannabis Evolution Project in the link provided http://www.businessinsider.com/scientists-fear-gmo-marijuana-2015-8 or go to the Business Insider website.

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