Marijuana IPO’s in 2019

As the reality of recreational marijuana draw to a close in 2018, it sure has been an interesting year to the neighbors of us in Canada. There is a next round of IPO know as Initial public offerings in the cannabis sector coming up and this time coming from United States based companies. And these companies are looking to raise some serious cash. For the Canada companies is part for IPOs is mostly just about over. And the Canada cannabis companies that don’t see a lot of capital coming on board. At the close of of 2018 there are already a dozen of publicly traded companies in Canada. Recreational marijuana sales in Canada has been hammered by supply shortage.
The most popular province is Ontario meant to the only legal weed purchase was an online store. Other provinces have had some difficulties launching. Alberta has suspended its licensing brick and mortar retail locations because it only receive ed 20% of the marijuana it ordered since oct. To that effect the IPO is to slow down to massive degree. The IPO plunge could be right in your backyard! Cannabis remains illegal in the US under federal law. Some companies have not stopped them from listing on the one place that will accept them the Canadian securities exchange. There are also a number of other companies that don’t actually handle marijuana themselves and may be able to list on large exchanges. And also possible these companies could get passage of recent of the farm bill which now makes it possible of hemp products sold.

Here are some cannabis companies that “COULD” go public in 2019. PAX LABS this company focuses on vaporizer and the company has raised from investors and the valuation at around billion. Its a San Francisco company who was founded by James mouses and Adam Bowen who launched the nicotine vaporization maker JUUL. Pax products to be designed to be used with cannabis flower, and a pen and pod system with use of cannabis oil. Pax “DOES NOT” produce or touch marijuana, its possible it could list on the New York stock exchange. Kush Company with recreational market in California larger than Canada’s market. Has hundreds of cannabis businesses of various companies, but none are allowed to list on large exchanges because they are illegal by federal law. One business that will seek a break through is garden grove California company KUSH company (KSHB). It produces packaging of different marijuana products. Currently company is listed over the counter in the US and has loss of .2 million on revenue of .1 million. Up from a profit of ,464 and sales of .8 a year before. The company is trying to list on the nasdaq exchange or New York stock exchange in the first half of 2019. Kush Company will be one of the very first stocks that will allow investors to bet on the cannabis industry and the company will be a much safer.

Harborside after the chain of retail shops it opened in San Francisco, the company plans to raise million with private funding and plans to list within the first quarter of 2019. While the company used to operate a nonprofit medical cannabis dispensary. Harbor-side will complete a reverse takeover of an already existing listed entity. The company plans to expand the current locations.
Pax and Kush Company they “DO NOT” directly handle marijuana and may be able to list on major exchanges like the nasdaq or New York stock exchange. Israeli has approved a law that will allow companies within the country to export medical marijuana. One of eight companies interCure plans to list on nasdaq mid 2019. This company cultivates weed at one farm and is building grow facilities in 10 other countries in Europe, where it plans to sell medical marijuana. This company produces 5 metric ton a year, and plans to produce more than 100 metric ton in the next 18 months. InterCure has gained 1,223% in 2018.

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