An old farmer saying is, you reap what you sow. Starting off with good seeds is not as easy it may seem. Having a trustworthy supplier of seeds is imperative to start for your successful grow. Don’t think just chucking any old seeds into the soil will give you a bountiful harvest. In this article, we will discuss and the top quality genetics they supply from a wide variety of top breeders.

Variety of cannabis seeds

A seed supplier should offer customers a variety of cannabis seeds for purchase. With the thousands of hybrids available worldwide, cannabis seeds come in many varieties. From feminized seeds that only germinate into female plants to auto-flowering seeds that flower no matter what the light conditions, the list is endless, strawberry, blueberry and pine flavors. Short flowering plants like Indica’s and bigger longer flowering plants like Sativa’s you have a world of variety when it comes to cannabis genetics.

Durban Poison

Dutch Passion’s original Durban Poison cannabis seeds are a true classic Sativa variety and one of our favorites here at

You may also want something specific for a medical condition you may have or a Durban Poison strain to give you a boost of energy and creativity. has a huge selection of regular, feminized, auto-flowering and bulk seeds available to you.

Seed Breeders and Banks only stocks trustworthy and well-renowned cannabis genetics seeds. Barney Farms is one of the oldest cannabis breeders around, they have been involved in the cannabis movement for decades and lucky for you they are one of many top breeders that are stocked by Dutch Passion is another top brand of cannabis genetics and has a full catalogue of their genetics available. With over 50 breeders available on it is difficult for you to make a choice of breeder and cannabis variety.

Quality and Price

Cannabis is not cheap, whether you are buying from a coffee shop or a dispensary. Adding cannabis to your vegetable garden and allowing them to grow side by side with tomatoes, pumpkin and lettuce is by far the best, cheapest and simplest way to grow your cannabis seeds. There are a lot of shady websites launching since cannabis has become a multi-billion dollar business and every Tom, Dick and Harry wants a piece of the pie.

Quality of seeds is not just a good website, but also the delivery of purchased seeds and authenticity of your purchase. allows you to rest assure that you have purchased what they advertised, and you will have authentic seeds directly from the breeder and affordable prices. The seeds are well packed and discreetly sent to the postal address of your choice, worldwide!!

They also offer you free delivery of orders over £99. Their prices are some of the lowest in the market online and you cannot find better value anywhere. If you are looking at expanding your seed collection, is a great place to start looking for trustworthy genetics at good prices. has a very easy to use website and allows VISA credit card payments. So in a few simple clicks, you will have seeds on their way to your home. Good growing.

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