#Canndescent (pronounced Can-Des-Ent) cultivates ultra-premium #cannabis flower for the adult-use, market and closed 2017 as California’s #1-selling flower brand. In 2016, Canndescent became the first cultivator in the world to abandon traditional strain names, implementing a more shoppable strain architecture of Calm, Cruise, Create, Connect and Charge. The company produces over 10,000 pounds of cannabis each year and is often described as the inventor of luxury cannabis.

At Canndescent, they marry the mastery of cannabis cultivation with the canvas of your life. That is the Art of Flower.#Canndescent, #Cannacribs


Watch the #CannaCribs Canndescent Interviews – Luxury Marijuana – From Driscoll’s Strawberries to Canndescent Cannabis:… https://youtu.be/10_CJ_xiNWE – Luxury Cannabis – Marketing and Branding Pioneer Behind Canndescent: .. https://youtu.be/SJ_6Pc6A5x8 – Premium Cannabis – Top LA Grower Now Leads Cultivation at Canndescent: J… https://youtu.be/ERf3heEOmCA

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