Hey guys, its your boy Cody Sperber the Clever Investor here and today I have something unique and special for you guys today. I’m really excited to have my good friend Matthew Morgan here with me and he is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the cannabis space.

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People come me to all the time to find out what the “next big thing” to invest in is and when Matt and I were at a speaking engagement last week I watched him get bombarded by people wanting to know everything about investing in cannabis. So believe me when I tell you this dude is the real deal.

Matt started his entrepreneurial journey as a real estate agent after he graduated high school. But after the 2008 market crash he decided to find a new industry to work in since most of his deals became over leveraged.

He didn’t let the crashing market get him down and instead picked his head up and decided to figure what his next big idea would be. That’s when he heard about the cannabis industry and discovered its massive potential. He decided to go all in and like most entrepreneurs, he was not very successful at all and it actually took 6 months of falling on his falling down and getting back up to finally get the hang of things.

Since then he has become one of the most influential people in the cannabis space. Some of his projects include Bloom, Reef and Ignite with Dan Bilzerian. His first dispensary bloom started making million a month within the first 10 months of opening its doors.

From there everything started to just take of. He caught the attention of several big private equity firms that ended up offering a 0M investment, CEO position, partnership in the company and just like that Reef was born and rest is history.

There’s a ton of opportunity in the cannabis space right now. There’s a new market opening up for the substance called CBD which is what takes your pain away. It’s a great alternative for pain management and it doesn’t get you high so it appeals to much bigger audience.

There is opportunity everywhere you guys. Go check out some of the stocks in the marijuana space. Tilray, cron, aphria, and aurora stocks are killing it right now and shows the future of this industry.

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