Russ Hudson is a cannabis consultant who maintains and manages the website and He recently traveled to Spain to experience their 300 plus cannabis social clubs and test their world famous strains.

Russ suffers from anxiety due to his PTSD condition and he uses cannabis to effectively treat the symptoms. He has since built a solid business with a large following on social media and enjoys sharing his knowledge and love for the cannabis plant.

Marijuana Games are all we play here; both literally and figuratively.  From creating custom weed games to disseminating research and propaganda regarding the Potlitical marijuana games being played all over the world, the bong stops here. Take a few puffs and check out Crop DefenderStoned Mario, Stoned Pacman or any of our other Online Marijuana Games, or fly over to our blog where we’ll analyze and uncover the facts about marijuana and report them with credible research attached for your review. I am Russ Hudson, founder and Editor-in-Chief of, founder of, and consultant to dozens of cannabis clubs and coffeeshops in Spain and The Netherlands. As a certified search marketer (SEC#01372), professional writer, and 27+ years cannabis industry veteran, I have been called upon by cannabis startups, established marijuana businesses and journalists to provide insight, counsel, even-handed reporting, and research into a variety of cannabis industries.


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