The brand Cannijuana and friends literally started with the intention of representing cannabis in the light of world peace, tolerance and acceptance. With stoners around the world being stigmatized for the last 100 years times are finally changing and the adult population is starting to accept cannabis for what it is,a non-toxic, a non-addictive herb that can be enjoyed responsibly by adults whether for medical marijuana or recreational use.

Cannijuana and Friends has for many years used uniquely designed ladies and mens tees for the discerning cannaseur to wear proudly and with confidence. Catering for all sizes and combinations of black and white, the line of shirts are bright, colorful, will turn heads and easily bought online or through the many events they attend.

Cannijuana and Friends is playing a brilliant role in changing the playing field by offering you the option being part of their brand by purchasing a shirt and wearing it responsibly! They also update their brilliant blog regularly with all the latest developments in the cannabis movement and make light of the past injustices. So whether you are supporting recreational or medical marijuana, the time is now to support Cannijuana and friends.

” By cultivating the Cannijuana Friends and surrounding community, Peace420 LLC hopes to provide an entertaining and fully dimensional view of the role that Cannabis can have in a healthy society. However, the Cannijuana Friends and Peace420 LLC also want it to be understood that Cannabis should be used responsibly and with safety in mind, and that the choice about whether to use, or if to use at all, depends on the individual and the laws of the country and state in which they live.”


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