The secret stashMaybe not such a secret anymore, because they have just listed their public offering to both cannabis consumers and cannabis merchants alike. is an online marketplace that allows merchants to list their products and sell to cannabis consumers with piece of mind and mechanisms in place to protect their sales, get reviews and keep anonymous.

The same applies to the cannabis consumer making the purchase. allows a convenient way for you to choose a variety of cannabis products and offers a seamless way for you to make your purchase.

The system is based on blockchain technology with a user friendly interface and crypto currency backing you will be purchasing from vetted and reviewed cannabis community members. What is more once registered you have the option of being a buyer, merchant or both.Built on the TRON blockchain, SECS offers safety and security when making a sale or a purchase. Even better there are ZERO transaction fees.
The SECS Marketplace

” THE SECRET STASH Organisation has developed a trading platform where anyone on the network can be a buyer, a merchant or both. Our organisation  aims to provide seamless and convenient ways to trade cannabis or cannabis related products on a global scale. The platform is not limited to trading cannabis only.”

You may easily register on the SECS Marketplace website in a couple easy steps and get browsing the premium products on offer in minutes. Buying SECS coins are also easy and once you have a small amount of SECS you are able to be a registered merchant.

Whether you are looking for cannabis flowers, growing equipment, seeds, oils, vape juices and even moonrocks, the marketplace is growing with new products daily.

Reward Distribution

  • 40% of revenue generated will be distributed to community members who buy and hodl SECS from our presale. ( Note the rewards will be distributed daily and will be random.)
  • 33% of these rewards will be paid out to the top 100 Hodlers.
  • 66% of these rewards will be distributed to Top Merchants, Top Buyers, and Random Hodlers.
  • 40% of revenue generated will be used for payout on “Double your Stash” members who get rewards can post a screen shot on one of our social media platforms to double their rewards.
  • 10% of revenue generated will be used to further develop our platform and pay our SECS super representatives.
  • 7.5% operational expenses.
  • 2.5% for social upliftment.
What does this all mean? – If you own SECS even for a short while, you own a portion of the company and will get paid.



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