Weed is extremely politicized wherever it grows across the world, which means the consumption, possession, cultivation, and distribution of the plant can have defying effects, depending on one’s location. Nevertheless, marijuana brings people together; a herb loved by everybody. Thus, we have established a rundown of all the places around the globe where medicinal or recreational cannabis can be smoked without fear of being persecuted.

The United States of America

The United States of America has legalized recreational cannabis in nine states including the District of Columbia. The cannabis market of California has the highest number of customers due to its high population and its projected to be a billion-dollar industry by 2022.

Colorado became the first state in the country to decriminalize recreational marijuana and legalize marijuana retail. The shops in Colorado don’t permit on-site marijuana consumption. However, many lounge spaces have started to rise to take care of marijuana smokers. The city of Denver currently provides guided tours to show tourist the best cannabis nightlife.

The Netherlands

The city of Amsterdam is famous for its weed-friendly cafés. According to The Telegraph, there are more than 250 cafes which are also known as coffee shops. These cannabis clubs only permit adults of the age of 18 and over to sip coffee and smoke recreational marijuana. Furthermore, these cafes don’t discriminate with tourists. People in Amsterdam are allowed to smoke weed outdoors if they’re not making life difficult for others or smoking near a schoolyard or government property.

According to the law, weed is still illegal in the Netherlands, but the plant is so popular that officials care less about it. However, the coffee shops are technically legal because they hold licenses that permit them to continue their business.


The first nation to legalize cannabis was Uruguay in 2013. The people of Uruguay can legally cultivate, distribute, and consume the herb. Uruguay has also legalized the sale of recreational marijuana in pharmacies, which makes it the first nation to move cannabis via drug store retail. This measure has been handy, and many pharmacies are currently registered with the government. But tourist might find difficulties getting weed due to the countries’ policies, so tourists will have to make friends with locals to get weed.


On October 17th, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau legalized recreational cannabis, making Canada the first G-7 nation to legalize recreational marijuana. Trudeau had confirmed that he smoked even before he became prime minister. The legalization of cannabis in Canada means that even Americans who visit Canada will be able to buy and smoke legally while in the Great White North. The nation also has plans of setting up coffee shops like that of Amsterdam.

South Africa

On Sept. 18, the Constitutional Court of South Africa ruled that citizens had the right to personally consume and grow marijuana in their private residencies without fear of arrest. According to the highest court of South Africa, the laws on drugs and medicine were not in line with the constitution’s right to privacy and the “personal use” of marijuana also known as dagga.

This is an ultimate win for South Africans since the law has met up with reality. Many South Africans have been smoking marijuana for a long time, and they will be happy with this unanimous judgment.


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