Vaping weed cannabisYou have been contemplating the move to vaping over smoking for a long time. When it finally happens, it is normal for most people to feel overwhelmed. Take it as you would any new experience and allow yourself time to go through the learning curve. What is the right direction as far as vaping is concerned?

Without a solid foundation on what to expect and how to survive, many have been swayed away from vaping altogether. The technology, variety of products and language can all be too much to handle for first-timers. Distillate pen

Here are 4 survival tips:

Start on an informed footing

It might have been years since you tool your first tobacco puff but the vaping experience is totally unique. Understanding the concept of what it is and what it is not is the key to making the best-personalized choices. How does an e-cigarette work? Is it the same thing as a vape pen? Is the experience of an e-cigar or that of a vape pen differs from that of a traditional cigarette as we know them? Research is important in knowing all there is to know about this new experience.

Identify suitable vaping spaces

With all that information you have been gathering, you cannot afford to be on the wrong side of the law. Different cities and regions have laws or regulations on smoking in general. You might even find that regulations within establishments like restaurants and hotels either favor of inhibiting vaping. Before you get out your devices and vape, look for that sign that might indicate any form of restriction against vaping. It will save you a whole deal of embarrassment if you ask when not sure.

Follow the manufacturer instructions

Believe it or not, some people live through life using products without getting to learn what the manufacturer recommended on use, storage, and even maintenance. To ensure that your vaping equipment serves you in the manner stipulated to enjoy vape juice, offers you service and performs optimally at all times, refer to the manual.

Find a vaping click

Vaping is a social activity just like smoking and drinking. The best way to keep addiction at bay is to involve other people in the experience. Apart from exercising accountability on one another, social vaping allows you to interact with people that share a common interest. The only regulation to this regard is that your experience is shared with another adult, consenting vape user or smoker.

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Vaping weed cannabis


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