Although CBD is not approved by the Health Products Regulatory Authority ( HPRA ) and cannot be prescribed by doctors as a medical treatment, CBD is legal in Ireland and fairly easy to obtain either online or on the high street. However, cause of the confusion of exactly what cannabis is there are many unscrupulous oil dealers selling “hemp oil” as a theraputic supplement for large amounts of cash.

Hemp is the primary plant that cannabidiol ( CBD ) is extracted from and legally should contain less than 0.2% THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is responsible for the psychoactive effects of consuming cannabis and is illegal in the UK. Hemp derived CBD oil is legal and can be found in many different products that contain varying amounts of CBD. While CBD is usually extracted from the flower of the plant, hemp oil is extracted from the seed of the cannabis sativa plant. Hemp oil is simply a vegetable oil, just like avocado or olive oil, and although it does not contain any CBD at all, it does have many nutritional benefits.

Although disputed and argued about CBD’s effectiveness as a treatment, it seems more and more doctors are referring patients to CBD as a treatment. High profile campaigns such as Vera Twomey’s or Noreen O’Neill cannabis causes have gained alot of airtime in newspapers and through other media and further driven the interest into cannabis as an effective treatment.

With the recent approval of a CBD based medicine ( Epidiolex )  by the US Food and Drug Administration and their progressive changes in cannabis policies in North America, we will soon see the backing the growing CBD industry requires in the UK, especially Ireland. Finding reliable CBD sellers that supply consistent, reliable and quality products is almost like trying to find a four-leaf clover.

Luckily there is an established company that provides almost any CBD product that you may require, made with the highest standards and quality assurance through lab tests. PureCBD Oil based in Dublin and was started by Julia and Desmond who have researched, tried and tested the best CBD products available in the market. They import products such as oils, edibles, extracts, topicals, capsules with a range of vaporizers and accessories.

“We started this website with a goal to become the Number 1 CBD Oil Company in Ireland and with the help of our son who is really good at making beautiful websites we were able to bring all this to you. In the last 5 years, we’ve been traveling around the US in order to find out more about the hemp and cannabis medicinal properties. We were so amazed by our findings that we decided to launch our own store and a blog where we will share our experiences and findings. Every single person deserves to live a healthy life and we are proud to take our time and research the benefits of cannabis and hemp products.”

Their website is easy to navigate and the CBD products are nicely catergorized with lots of product detail. Their CBD products are natural and organic while being made by the experts in the world.

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