You should have heard alot about the “opioid crisis” that is sweeping through you the United States like a tsunami. The Trump Administration has acknowledged the epidemic and has put Jeff Sessions in charge of a task team to report and find measures to reduce the addiction many army veterans are facing when coming home and trying to treat their stress disorders from fighting battles.

The good news is there is a natural solution you can use that has been used for hundreds of years, Cannabis. With almost half of all states in America broadening their medical and recreational marijuana the future is looking bright. Cannabis has been proven to assist patients suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ( PTSD ). Below is a video clip of an old vet who shares trustworthy and positive information about cannabis and a viable alternative to treat the condition. Welcome Skip Budman from

Skip tells us about the benefits of cannabis, aswell as how easy it is to grow in the comfort of your own home. He has found his own solution and its as easy as he makes it out to be. Have a look at his great website, that has been running for over a decade now, packed with great information to get you started on your journey to medicate yourself easily, affordable and safely. Weedsthatplease.comĀ is easy to use, and a popular website that offers you much cannabis information.

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Written by: Maritza Jay
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