Let’s get something straight right away. Despite what popular media outlets may claim in an effort to improve their hit statistics – CBD is not a wonder cure. It will not somehow alleviate psychological and physical health issues in the flash of a magical wand.

Likewise, it may not “work” for everyone – especially those who expect immediate results and are unwilling to experiment with dosage. That being said, there’s a rapidly growing consensus within the UK government to suggest CBD has a medicinal effect.

Sure, there’s some ambiguity at play here. Anyone who claims otherwise is a dolt! While there’s a lot left to be clinically understood about how CBD supplements can assist with the body’s inherent endocannabinoid system, the fact is that so far it has helped huge swathes of people and at no demonstrable risk.

If there’s one thing right now that science agrees upon – it’s that CBD oil supplements pose no risk to health. That’s why you’ll find them in most health food stores (such as Holland and Barrett) and pharmacies now – and that is a good thing.

Will CBD Become Accepted Like Multivitamins?

One of the reasons why it has taken so long for society (globally speaking) to appreciate the potential of CBD is the association with marijuana. It takes very little effort to understand that unlike the recreational use of marijuana, there is no high or so forth. Instead, it carries no high whatsoever.

Let’s put that in terms of commonly accepted vitamins. How many people feel their immune system being fortified thanks to that vitamin C booster in the morning? Or for example how many people appreciate the top up from vitamin D to their mood in the winter blues? None – because there is no physical sensation. It’s incredibly subtle yet that does not mean it isn’t helping.

Looking at CBD in particular, there’s a growing amount of acceptance that these oils can provide a considerable boost to overall health. It isn’t just remedial (pain relief/psychological calm) but potentially restorative.

One big trend at the moment is a greater number of middle-aged people supplementing with CBD to reduce/lower the likelihood of all sorts of ailments. Science is out on that for now, but let’s just say it isn’t going to do any harm to try.

So Who Should Take CBD?

A good question but this misses the key point. Look carefully at where you are sourcing your CBD from. There’s a huge difference between companies at the moment – and if you need any other reason why these supplements are allowed on the market, it’s because they aren’t going to hurt anyone!

Yet we’d always recommend taking quality CBD oil ahead of the cheaper option. They will be farmed from proper organic hemp, be chemical-free and extracted using only the best methods. To place that in easy terminology, you’ll get more from a proper 350mg extract than a 1000mg chemical induced one.

Anyone can take CBD at any dosage. There are no side effects and realistically not even a way to fail a drugs test or whatever.

Even more bizarre is the concept of getting high. Most CBD extracts contain traces of THC but to be legal in the UK that has to below 0.2% (at the time of writing). Proper manufacturers will be clear on this, and even with a full spectrum product, it’ll be below that level.

Regarding actual supplementation – a quick disclaimer to say that it ought to be taken after consulting with your doctor. But in practical terms, there’s no reason why anyone shouldn’t consider it as a supportive agent to medication or as a stand-alone solution.

Plenty of people drop a little in their pet’s food or their kid’s breakfast – and regardless of concentration, there’s no risk involved whatsoever. It’s a non-toxic substance, and some are even considering it an ever more realistic substitute for manufactured drugs – especially anti-anxiety and anti-depressants.

So What’s Next?

We don’t like to sick out necks out here but in this case, it’s time to make an exception!

There’s going to be a huge amount of research into CBD and receptors published within the next few years.

Hopefully, this will finally prove why these extracts are beneficial in helping with a plethora of health issues. Early studies are just touching on this at the moment, so don’t be surprised to see “CBD enriched” multivitamins or even breakfast cereals widely available soon.

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