Why I smoke Medical Marijuana

A lot of comments are asking about my medical condition.

I am trying to tell more about my situation so that everyone will know more about Medical Marijuana and its benefits. Some people think that I am abusing it or that I need to be dying in order to use it. I want people to understand that we should all have the freedom to use marijuana. The way the people have set up the laws here in Colorado I am allowed to buy Marijuana from a store and use it responsibly.

Cannabis is an all natural flower that is picked from the ground, like a vegetable or a fruit. I choose to use cannabis to treat my symptoms because it is natural and prescription pills are much worse for me and have terrible side effects.

More people need to learn the truth about Medical Marijuana and the patients that rely on it to live a normal life.

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We are both Medical Marijuana patients in the State of Colorado.
Thank you for your compassion.


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