Built and manufactured by premier Chinese manufacturer Yocan, the Evolve XL Plus vaporizer can be shipped for free, discreetly anywhere in the world. This vaporizer is unique in many ways as it uses revolutionary  magnetic strips rather than the traditional screw threads, allowing the atomizer to quickly attach to the bottom base of the vape.

It is built for wax or concentrates and can also have a dual use to be used as a aromatherapy vape. The Evolve XL Plus by Yocan also features a monster 4 quarts rod coil that allows for bigger clouds, more potent and crisp vapor.

Other features include a coil cap, to prevent nasty and messy spills, adjustable airflow valve, a 1400maH lithium battery that comes with a convenient USB charger. Another extra feature is a dual silicone jar that is easily detached from the base of the vaporizer and can house more than one flavor. Its also easy to clean as it is detachable and made from silicone.

It comes in a variety of colors, Rose Gold, Champagne Gold, Black and Silver, so what ever your color desire, you may choose what matches your mood. A cool feature is that when exposed to sunlight, the vaporizer unit will glow in the dark!!!

Yocan Evolve XL PlusA lanyard is also supplied and when attached to the XL Plus Vaporizer can be easily and discreetly carried around your neck and detach for a quick vape session. For concentrates and wax, it is packed with an additional dabbing tool.

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