LED’s – The Future of Growing Cannabis


Growing indoor cannabis is now legal in many countries for private consumption. The technology of LED’s has improved massively over the last couple years and LED’s are now competing with the traditional way of flowering cannabis using high-pressure sodium lamps ( HPS ) .

HPS lights are expensive, use alot of electricity and run hot. In fact, with every 600watts you add to your room, your temperature will increase by 5 degrees Celcius. The bulbs are also expensive and usually need replacing every couple of seasons. Bring on LED.

LED’s have come a long way and now offer an affordable, efficient, low-electricty way of lighting up your grow room or tent. In comparison by price between LED’s and HID’s you are looking at similar costs per gram. What is better LED’s offer you the grower all the light spectrums, whereas HID’s you will need either a digital ballast light or change your bulbs from Metal Halide (MH) during vegging and HPS during flowering.

Below we will discuss some locally available LED’s that can be shipped in South Africa or to international destinations. Green Leaf Grow offers COB LED and Quantam Board LED grow lights and very reasonable prices and will deliver your order straight to your door.


Green Leaf Grow’s entry Chip on Board ( COB ) 50 watt LED offers you a high efficiency warm white light that is full spectrum resulting in better yields and results. The unit comes with a 5 year warranty with high quality parts used for heat sink and reflector. The COB 50 watt will cover 3 x 3 feet and use much electricity and give off far less heat than HID’s. 50

COB 50 watt LED

For a bigger light check their COB Straight bar 200W

Quantum Board LED 125W

38% less power usage and 19% more light than any other HID on the market, this LED offers the latest LED technology available on the grow scene. The high-quality Samsung chips used in these LED’s offer full-spectrum white light which is perfect for both vegging and flowering. The Quantum Board LED 125watt offers over 1 metre squared of lighting footprint.

Quantum Board LED 125W

For a bigger light check their Quantum Board LED 250W, 320W, 500W

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