How to Create a Cannabis Marketing Game Plan From Scratch


Are you ready to grow your cannabis business online? Then it’s vital to have a game plan in place! Cannabis marketing is a big challenge for most companies.

After all, you’re operating in an environment that is not only highly regulated, full of grey areas, and constantly changing… You’re also dealing with a space where advertising restrictions are rampant. Paying for Facebook ads to boost posts or using Google Adwords to drive website traffic are not options at the moment. (Yes, if you’re wondering, Cannabis & CBD businesses are still restricted from taking advantage of paid online advertising opportunities.)

So, what’s a new cannabis business owner to do? Get creative and be strategic. Discover step-by-step directions to build your cannabis marketing game plan from scratch. 7 steps to creating your own cannabis marketing game plan.

1. Know your business inside and out.
2. Define your target audience.
3. Evaluating your competition
4. Set your top marketing goals
5. Watch the rest of the video for more steps and information and insights.