Cannabis buds packaging equipment


As every grower knows, the process of drying and preserving marijuana is as important as the cultivation itself, being able to disrupt the efforts of recent months in case it is not done correctly. Too fast drying or poor conservation will degrade the cannabinoids and terpenes present in the flowers, which translates into less aroma and flavor and a much less stimulating effect due to the degradation of THC in CBN. In this way, if we do not want to compromise the final quality of our buds once they are dry and with their just cure point, we must keep them properly in order to enjoy their properties in the future.

Proper conservation of flowers is very important

How to conserve marijuana in the best way. Basically, it is about conserving the weed in conditions similar to those of drying in terms of absence of light and temperature. Of course, once it is dry, we no longer want it to be in contact with the air, because the only thing it would do is help to degrade the compounds present in the trichomes, so the best thing to keep it for months is to pack it in airtight cans such as CVault containers or, even better, in vacuum storage bags like the ones we present in this article. This is especially useful for outdoor growers who rely on a single crop a year to self-stock; The buds harvested in autumn should last until the next harvest, so keeping them properly will ensure that whenever we use it they will enjoy all its qualities, such as the first day.

Cannabis Packaging

There are mainly two types of sealing machines, those that simply seal the bags or rolls of conservation and those that also make the vacuum inside, which offers extra protection for the buds as there is no air inside the bag . In addition, in this way the escape of odors is also largely avoided, something that can often be annoying at home.

There are bags for sealers of all sizes

These are sealing machines that are very easy to use and with little maintenance. We simply have to connect them to be able to start sealing our bags quickly and effectively. And they are not only great for the packaging of the buds, they are also great for preserving food and being able to store them in the fridge or freezer for much longer, especially in the case of also applying vacuum. Of course, they also serve to preserve hashish or BHO-type extractions in the best way.

SNS 2100 Impact Sealing Packing Machine

The simplest and most economical option is a heat sealer of the Californian Shield N Seal brand, designed by and for professionals and with materials designed for a long duration no matter how much use it is given. Made entirely of metal, the Heavy Duty Impact Sealer SNS 2100 is suitable for sealing plastic bags or rolls up to 40cm wide, with a wide sealing surface that ensures perfect conservation inside, proof of air leakage, water , etc.

Shield N Seal SNS 2100 Packaging Machine

It is therefore ideal not only for storing herbs, concentrates or food (perishable products), but to protect electronic devices, vaporizers, jewelry, medicines, documents and a host of small objects from environmental and water conditions. The duration of the sealing can be selected with a practical controller, it is very fast and easy to clean and compatible with the majority of plastic bags and rolls for conservation available in the market.

Features of Shield N Seal Heavy Duty SNS 2100 impact sealer:

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  •  Weight: 4,5kg
  •  Dimensions: 38 x 15 x 15cm
  •  Professional quality thermal sealing
  •  Wide sealing surface
  •  Bags and rolls up to 40cm wide
  •  Sealing time control
  •  Easy cleaning
  •  Compatible with most plastic bags and rolls for conservation
  •  Long durability

Sealing and vacuum packing machine with cutter SNS 750

This is undoubtedly the best option if we want to preserve the taste, aroma and effect of intact buds. The SNS 750 of Shield N Seal works like the previous one, sealing the bag or roll by heat, but also makes the vacuum inside, which ensures perfect preservation. With a maximum sealing surface equal to the previous model – 40cm – it has two vacuum programs that we can choose according to need: The Impact Seal Mode ensures that no substance will enter the interior of the sealer during the vacuum process, while The Marinate Mode is perfect for keeping fresh and hydrated foods.

Shield N Seal SNS 750, precision and efficiency

Bags of the same type can be closed very quickly thanks to the sequential timer it incorporates, and its efficient cutter quickly and cleanly cuts the bags once sealed (it also has a support for the plastic rolls). Protect your crop, your food or your most valuable items in the best possible way thanks to these packaging machines, the quality of your buds will always be the same and your private reserve will not flood the house with the intense smell that we all know and that, in In many cases, it may be more than indiscreet.

Features of SNS 750 impact sealer from Shield N Seal:

  • Weight: 6.8kg
  • Dimensions: 56 x 56 x 30.5cm
  • Professional quality thermal and vacuum sealing
  • Cutter included
  • Impact and Marinate vacuum modes
  • Wide sealing surface
  • Bags and rolls up to 40cm wide
  • Seal time control (sequential timer)
  • Easy cleaning
  • Compatible with most plastic bags and rolls for conservation
  • Long durability

Cannabis buds packaging equipment