Stash Boxes by Bluntly


Bluntly Stash Boxes are back with their new and improved look. Available in 6 different designs which are sophisticated and stylishly designed. These handcrafted boxes are made from pine, with good amounts of storage for any smokers wildest needs. With lots of functionality from papers compartments through to a rolling tray, all your smokers requirements.

A perfectly safe storage place for your stash and smoking accessories, all in one place. No more mess, or fuss trying to look for a lighter or an extra paper. You can neatly contain all your smoking accessories including your grinder in the Bluntly Stash Box.

A polished lacquered finish these boxes have brass clasps to keep them securely closed when needed. A natural unfinished interior will ensure your herbs are free from contaminants and the elements that may degrade cannabis flowers. Your Bluntly Stash Box will display beautifully, yet discreetly anywhere in your house or office.

“At Bluntly, we are committed to bringing the best designed products to the smoking accessories market place. We believe good design goes a long way. Our designs maintain a sophisticated and stylish look and feel for the modern day smoker.”

Have a look at the website for more details about the smoking accessories they offer to the growing cannabis culture industry. Not only do they have stash boxes, but they also stock grinders, lighters, storage jars, lifestyle products, bags, pouches, and mens or ladies tees.

Bluntly Stash Box